How To Remove /Fix Lag In Fifa 18 On Laptop Computer

FIFA 2018 pc game is the talk of the town on everyone owning a laptop and for those looking forward to owning one. If something is talked about by many, then there must be something interesting about it. If you don’t have this game, most probably you have heard about it. It is loved by every gamer in town. It has high graphics and it’s so interesting that it is hard to part with it immediately you get yourself part of it. FIFA game comes in many versions for the developers keep updating it every year to add new features and improve performance. However, some updates come with bugs and some fixes sometimes can slow down the performance of some computers. Let us learn how to remove/fix lag in FIFA 2018 on a laptop computer. Read Also: Solve GPU does not support Directx 11.0 which is required in FIFA 18

There is nothing that can be quite nerve cracking like trying to have a good time with your game only to be met by a snail-lagging computer. It can be really annoying. Frustration is what follows next. You try to do everything possible to fix the problem, but all in vain. You reboot the computer, no change. You try to uninstall the game and reinstall again, still the problem persists. I want to walk you through procedures on how to remove/fix lag in FIFA 18 on a laptop computer. This might be a savior article for you. The following are some of the solutions to fix these lags. Read the step by step. Read Also: FIFA 17 Update For FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16, Download Fifa 17 Patch Fix Fifa 18 lag

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Ways to Fix Lag In Fifa 18

  • Limit FPS to 60 in the game settings.

This trick can sometimes do the magic and solve your problem greatly. This trick involves changing the FPS time in the settings. This setting is found within the FIFA 18 game on your pc. Just go to the settings of the game and try to change FPS from the default FPS to 60. This might help and speed up the game and therefore reduce the lags on your computer. It has worked for quite a number of people. It is not a guarantee that it will solve this problem, but it is worth a try. Don’t worry for if you don’t find it helpful, you can try the next method still. Changing this value from the default Frames per Second and increasing it to 60 Frames per second can be helpful. Sometimes it changes the performance of the game by increasing the number of FPS. After you have changed FPS, reboot your computer and open the game again.

  • Change settings in the NVIDIA control panel.

NVIDIA graphic card is taking the Computer graphics market by storm. It is available in most new generation computers and laptops of these days. It has a powerful processing power and is good for gaming experiences on PCs. If you are in possession of a Pc or laptop housing NVIDIA graphics card, you can Remove/Fix lag in FIFA 18 on a laptop computer by changing some settings in the NVIDIA graphics card control panel. If you don’t have the NVIDIA driver package, you can always download a genuine one from official NVIDIA website to get NVIDIA on the control panel. There should be an NVIDIA icon at the bottom right corner of the taskbar. Or in the control panel settings. It depends on which version of windows you are using. Open NVIDIA Control panel>> Manage 3D settings>>Turn On triple buffering and Vertical Sync. This tweak can be helpful in case the FPS limit hasn’t helped you.

  • Release some space on local disk C
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If the above two methods don’t work, then you can try this last one. A game like FIFA 18 is a large game that needs enough space on your local disk C. Remember Disk C always has the system partition together with program files of software you are running on your PC. Make sure this Disk has enough space to run the operations of your computer. Release unnecessary files and software you are using. Lagging computers many times are mostly caused by a clogged Disk C. To run FIFA 18 smoothly, make sure this disc has some space to breath to run this game.