How to Reduce Data Usage in Android Phones and Tablets

Users have started spending a lot on data charges in recent years as the options for entertainment have been increased online. After smartphone revolution dedicated apps have provided an immense option to users to spend some quality time on their smartphones. Though these apps are the biggest source of entertainment on smartphones they don’t come cheap. These apps induce a lot of data charges and system resources. In this article, we can discuss certain ways to reduce data usage in Android device.Reduce Data Usage in Android

Restrict data usage: This is the next big task after clean Android. Your device settings allow apps to run in the background even when you are not using them actively. Most of these apps run in the background to provide you continuous updates and notifications related to them. Hence you don’t require regular updates for most of these apps. It is better to keep them refresh on regular intervals than to running them all the time in the background. To stop apps running in the background go to Settings > Data Usage and select the app you want to restrict data usage for. There you will find details of data usage of foreground & background services. You can select “Restrict background data” to stop all background services related to that specific app.

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Update apps via Wi-Fi: You keep “n” number of apps in your device and keep on updating them on regular intervals. This process consumes a lot of data usage. Some users keep app updates on “auto-update” mode, which again consume a lot of data without your knowledge. You can bring auto-update settings to “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only” and for other apps, you can manually update the apps when connected to Wi-Fi. This simple step can help you save GBs of your data usage.

Avoid live streaming content: We know smartphones are extensively used to entertain ourselves through a lot of live streaming of different content like videos, music etc. We know smartphones are worthless without media on it but you can follow better ways to stay entertained responsibly. Try to store media files locally. Another way is to download media via Wi-Fi, which helps you save your data to a greater extent. In other options, you can decrease resolution, set content quality at a low level to save some data usage.

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Make use of offline apps, games & services: Many apps like Google Maps, Google Play Music, YouTube etc. offers offline viewing of their content. Thus you can store data while connected to Wi-Fi to view it later in offline mode. This way you can manage to save a lot of your data usage. Certain games also require data usage while playing thus opt offline games to save some data.

Check sync settings: With automated syncing on your device, Google assures you receive real-time updates and notifications of your different accounts and apps. It allows apps to keep on running and consuming data all the time. To adjust this, go to Settings > Accounts > Google and select an account you want to tweak. Now uncheck the items you don’t want to be synced on your device. You can manually sync accounts by visiting their respective apps. You can also prevent syncing data by disabling it from the notification bar or by heading to Settings > Data Usage > Menu > and disabling “Auto-sync data”.

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You can use these simple steps to save a lot of your data usage. In other options, you can try to minimize browser data usage, configure in-app data settings, tame resource hungry apps, share media files via Bluetooth, turn on data compression on chrome etc. to save your data usage. These simple steps can be helpful to save your data and other system resources significantly.

Summary: Data usage charges are increasing with a lot of entertainment options available today online. Users tend to download a lot of stuff and even basic app functions require Internet connectivity. Thus to deal with it, you can follow these simple steps.


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