How to Play Nintendo Game on PC Using ROMs

Картинки по запросу nintendo emulators

If you want to play old good NES game on your computer, but don’t know how to do it properly, read this simple guide that will show how to do it in the quickest and the most efficient way.

1. Running your emulator. If you are in search of NES games, you will probably decide to surf your Internet first thing. There are hordes of website that offer emulator for free, but not all of them are reliable. Make sure to use the services of credible sources that don’t distribute malware under the guide of useful programs. When using such trustworthy websites as Romsmania or EmuParadise, you can be sure that you download a quality product free of any malicious codes or bugs. Once you decide what website to use to get an emulator, don’t hesitate to visit it. Once there, click on the link that will lead you right to the list of popular NES emulators. Among the most popular emulators are RetroArch, EmuParadise, Dolphin, MAME, Kega, Visual Boy Advance-M, and many others. It is up to you to decide what emulator to use. Nevertheless, it is always necessary to take into consideration such things as whether your computer meets minimum hardware requirements for a specific emulator, as well as whether the emulator you intend to download is compatible with the system whose games you are planning to run.

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When you choose the app you that best suits your needs, follow the link that should be next to

the chosen emulator.

  • Make sure to select the version that would be compatible with your Windows system. (If you use a 32-bit sys, download Nintendo 32 emulator, if you are on a 64-bit, then, Nintendo 64 emulator is for you).

Once you download the emulator, make sure to extract the files into a specific destination

folder. After that, you may click on your emulator icon to start the program.

2. Downloading Nintendo ROMs. In the majority of cases, those sites that offer emulators provide you with a chance to download game ROMs to be run on the emulators. So, you can try searching the same website for the NES games you want to play. Romsmania and EmuParadise also have a huge collection of Nintendo 64 ROMs you can download anytime you want. Once on the site, click on the NES link that will lead you to the coolest games. You are free to navigate the “ROMs” menu until you find the game of your dream that you will definitely want to download onto your computer.

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3. Playing ROMs. Once you get your ROM file, don’t hesitate to fire up your emulator and select the NES game you want to run in it. After that, you can start playing Nintendo classics!

4. What if there is something wrong? If you find yourself unable to run your ROMs in the downloaded emulator after following all of the afore-listed steps, you either seek professional help with installing the required programs and file or try to use a different emulator. Just never give up, since you still have plenty of other options to avail yourself of to start playing Nintendo games on your machine.

Anyway, we do hope that our article was helpful to you! Enjoy your game!