How To Change GMail Password

Dear readers. Welcome again to Technology sage. The all-time technological problem-solving platform that gives you solutions to mobile phone problems, computer related problems and other advanced technology tweaks. Today we are going to learn how to change Gmail password. Gmail, as you know is used by millions of people in the world. Gmail is run, managed and owned by Google cooperation. All Android smartphones require having a Gmail account on the phones. This makes it easier to access ones Gmail account to read email and send emails on the phones.

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You can create a Gmail account on your mobile smartphone or just online on the Gmail website. Upon creating a Gmail or Google account, you will have to log in using your new Gmail account and a password. But things always go wrong. On certain occasions, you might find that you have forgotten your Gmail password. There are several methods you can use to reset your Gmail password in case you have forgotten it. I will be doing an article next time on how to reset your Gmail password in case you have lost it. There are cases where you feel that there is a need to change your Gmail password.

Reasons why you need to change your Gmail password:

  • There are suspicious login activities in your Gmail
  • You feel your Gmail password is too obvious for someone to attempt a guess.
  • You feel you need to change to a much stronger password.

With the above-mentioned reasons, and in case there is another I have not mentioned, you will find that there is dire need to change your Gmail password. Sometimes it is a good thing to do. But the question is, how? The following are steps on how to change Gmail password.

Steps on How To Change Gmail Password

Now, If you have ever wanted to change your Gmail password, then here are the important steps you should follow and learn how to change your Gmail password. Please remember that this requires that you have your password in order to log in to Gmail account in order to change your Gmail password.

Step 1

The very first step requires you to log into or sign in to your Gmail account on the Gmail website and open your Gmail account just like you always do when you want to check your emails. Now after signing in to Gmail, Click on the settings, which is on the top right-hand side shown as a gear cog.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\gmail 1.PNG

Step 2

After going clicking on the settings which as I have mentioned earlier is represented by a gear cog, this will lead you to the settings of your Gmail account. Here you can change various settings depending on what you would want. Gmail Password inclusive. Under settings, click on “Accounts and Import” then under Accounts and Import settings, you will see “Change password” as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\Gmail 2.PNG

Step 3

Now, after you click on “Change Password”, a new tab will open requiring you to login or sign in with your password again. I presume that this is a preventive measure by Gmail to prevent someone from changing your Gmail password in cases where you have your browser set to remember your password. After you now sign in again, you will now be taken to password change page where you will be required to enter a new Gmail password as shown below.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\Gmail 3.PNG

From here, it is now easy. Just enter your new password and then at the bottom, click on the blue button with “CHANGE PASSWORD.” Your password will now be changed.

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