HelloSpy Review – Can You Trust It?

When we talk about spy apps, you are confronted with a wide range of options whether you are a parent who wants to keep their child safe, an employer who wants to keep an eye on their employees, or a spouse who is looking to find out whether their partner is cheating or not. HelloSpy is another app that claims to be a cellphone monitoring solution that works for both Android and iOS devices.

Although apparently, you can still download the app from hellospy.soft112.com domain, the app seems to have stopped working reliably for many people with multiple users claiming they have lost their data. Here is why it is challenging for a concerned parent or partner to trust HelloSpy anymore.

No Working Website

If you search for Hello Spy reviews and attempt to visit the official domain i.e. www.hellospy.com, you are directed to a page that says the domain has expired and is available for sale. A service that is clearly not interested in keeping up its official website without having an adequate alternative or proper message cannot be trusted with the privacy and safe storage of your, and more importantly, your loved one’s personal data.

Updated in 2018 Last Time

When you try to find the app to download, there is no proper link except a soft112 subdomain that offers a free trial of HelloSpy. According to the details shared on the web page, the app was finally updated in March 2018 which is more than 2 years ago. The app that’s available for download is a free trial which means it doesn’t contain many features that the app claims to have.


Poor Reviews

If you visit review platforms like SiteJabber or TrustPilot, you will find out that there are very few reviews present on those websites and the comments don’t shed a positive light either. The overall rating of only 3.3 on SiteJabber indicates that the few people who have used the app didn’t get the excellent customer experience they were promised. Instead, they received a subpar spy app that stopped functioning out of the blue.

Android Only

Generally, Android only isn’t a red flag but when there are other factors that point in that direction, then Android-only becomes an element of concern. Since you cannot get away with delivering unreliable and poor user experience on iOS and have to meet strict standards, the app is not available on iOS at all. You may be able to do so if you jailbreak the device but that’s not recommended.

Final Word

Taking all factors into account, it can be safely concluded the HelloSpy is no longer a functional app. While it can be downloaded through an unofficial link, it is only a free trial with a limited set of features and it is not guaranteed if it will work as claimed in the description. Moreover, the version available was finally updated more than 2 years ago which means there are better apps available which you can fully trust.


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