HD Mirror Cam Reviews

Dash cams give you true pleasure when you’re out on the town driving. No one can tell when you’ll require footage from your windshield – however you’ll be happy to have it on the off chance that you do.

As opposed to standard dash cams, you can join a HD mirror cam to your vehicle’s present rearview mirror.

It not only empowers you to catch pictures and record accounts or splendid travel minutes without deflecting your view, but also work as evidence in case of any mishap or accidental event.

By then you can move the recorded media to a PC through a little scale SD card. Settlement is totally fundamental and takes just a few minutes. Here are some HD Mirror Cam Reviews.

About HD Mirror Cam

HD Mirror Cam installs over your current rearview mirror in seconds utilizing adaptable bands, and highlights an implicit camera underneath that can record the street before you, without deterring your view.

In the event that you have to record somewhere else, regardless of whether you’re driving or not, this camera likewise includes a one of a kind 350° turning edge.

To work, embed your miniaturized scale SD card into the highest point of your HD Mirror Cam. Spot it over your standard size, factory issued rearview mirror and join the delicate bands to keep set up.

At last, you’ll place the sticky clips along the edge of your windshield, plug the connector into the top, and run the wire through the clasps.

Features of HD Mirror Cam

In addition to its rotating camera and ease of installation, the device also features:

  • Beautiful HD 720p video with a 120° wide angle lens,
  • Motion detection (even when you’re not in the car),
  • Auto ignition start,
  • Exclusive night vision using two infrared LEDs on either side of the camera,
  • Endless loop recording (up to 14 hours),
  • A built-in 2.5” LCD playback screen with screen shut off mode for distraction-free driving while recording, and
  • The ability to capture video, audio, and photos (including one-touch photo snap).

It certainly seems like HD Mirror Cam really could instantly turn your rear-view mirror into a dash camera, as claimed on the device’s website, and deliver many of the most essential features.

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How Much Does HD Mirror Cam Cost?

One HD Mirror Cam will cost you $49, plus $9.99 S&H. If you purchase two or more, you order will come with free shipping.

Each unit includes a car charger/adapter, USB SD card reader, instruction manual, and soft bands and adhesive mounting wire clips.

Is the HD Mirror Cam Right For You?

What do you define as “value”? The lowest price? The most features? The longest refund policy? The most customer feedback? The highest consumer ratings?

Whatever it might be, we think HD Mirror Cam could provide a lot of value if you’re looking for a competitively priced model that:

  • Won’t obstruct your view of the road,
  • many of the essential features recommended by professionals, and
  • Comes from a manufacturer who stands behind it with a 60-day refund policy, which should be more than enough time to decide if it’s right for you.

Customer Review

A couple of customers express that the HD Mirror Cam has a not too bad structure with mind boggling features. They report that this contraption is definitely not hard to stir similarly as to set up.

The thing is passed on quickly with brisk conveying. It is anything but difficult to use and gives very extraordinary impetus for money.

A few customers report that the control buttons of the HD Mirror Cam are free and that it vibrates while driving.

They moreover express that its motion detection highlights does not work when the vehicle is off for more than 15 minutes and has a poor goals.

A couple of analysts express that this mirror cam works for 3 treks or multi month, it doesn’t have night vision, and its card reader does not work.

It has poor documentation, which does not instruct the customer how they can set its video diagrams with a period date stamp.

A couple of customers similarly express that this camera is made of low quality and the customer organization isn’t incredible.

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