GEOfinder Review: Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number

GEOfinder Review: Track Someone’s Whereabouts Using a Phone Number

The location tracker market is pretty crowded, but GEOfinder knows exactly how to get ahead of the competition. It stacks up a professional geolocation tracking solution for any phone brand, offering real value for its users. Couple that with its availability on trusted platforms like App Store and Google Play, and it all adds up to a tool we can’t recommend more. Keep reading this GEOfinder review to find out everything about this tracking wizard.

How Does GEOfinder Operate: Main Principles

GEOfinder is a mobile monitoring tool that shows someone’s precise location just by a phone number. The app works with practically any known system and mobile brand, be it iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Huawei.

The working principle is rather straightforward. GEOfinder analyzes the strength of the signals coming from cell towers to estimate someone’s whereabouts. The tool also collects information about nearby Wi-Fi networks to provide users with the most accurate details.

GEOfinder is completely legitimate, which is a huge advantage for users concerned about legal implications. There is no need to take the target person’s phone or fuss with installing any app. To begin tracking, all you need is the phone number. GEOfinder will send a message with a clickable link. Once the recipient taps on it, the tool will scour its database to deliver location coordinates.

The whole process takes less than a minute, provided that the target cell phone is on.

Download GEOfinder from Google Play or App Store, and You’re All Set!

GEOfinder is a reliable cell phone tracker that can be downloaded from trusted app platforms like Google Play and the Apple App Store. By avoiding unverified sources on the Internet, you can rest assured knowing that your device is safe and sound.

If you are an Android user, you can download GEOfinder straight from Google Play Market, a platform that offers automatic updates and stringent security checks. But if your phone runs on iOS, go to the App Store to install the application.

The download and setup process is swift and doesn’t require any special technical background. If you are worried about your child’s whereabouts or want to make sure that your employees arrive at the office on time, consider arming yourself with this tool.

Why Choose GEOfinder and How Can It Help You?

GEOfinder piles on various GPS tracking features, which sets it apart from other location monitoring tools. With this advanced app at your disposal, you will be empowered to do more than just pinpoint someone’s exact location. GEOfinder can also capture extra details, including IP address, Wi-Fi information, and even a network hidden by VPN. And the cherry on top is its SIM tracking function allowing users to identify the carrier used at any given moment.

Powered by this feature-rich package, you will benefit from GEOfinder in numerous scenarios. Here’s how the app can come in handy:

  • Tracking your child’s location on the map in real-time, ensuring they don’t visit dangerous places
  • Keeping track of your loved one’s location in any corner of the world while they are traveling
  • Managing your staff remote workforce, which is especially useful in transportation businesses
  • Getting security insights about corporate devices
  • Monitoring your personal device and facilitating its recovery in case it’s lost or stolen.

How to Track a Person’s Location with Phone Number Using GEOfinder Step-By-Step?

  1. Download GEOfinder from Google Play or App Store and create an account.
  2. Input the phone number you wish to monitor into the field and tap “Continue.”

  1. You will be redirected to the payment page – unlimited access at $9.99/week. Finalize the purchase.
  2. Create your personal account and log in to access a location monitoring feature.
  3. Customize a message to be sent or choose a template offered.
  4. GEOfinder will generate a tracking link and send it to the target via SMS.
  5. Go to the location tracking details and check if a recipient tapped the link. Once the target person clicks on it, their location details will appear on the map along with precise GPS info, WiFi network name, VPN usage, and SIM carrier.

As you see, there is nothing complicated about using GEOfinder. It preserves your anonymity and allows you to stay abreast of someone’s whereabouts.

GEOfinder Pricing & Free Trial Option

GEOfinder offers a very simple pricing structure with only one plan costing $39.99 per month (if you choose a web-based version that requires no download from Google Play or App Store) or $9.99/week. The subscription covers unlimited tracking of all SIM providers and phone brands across the globe. You can be 100% confident by purchasing this plan, as developers stand behind their product with a 14-day money-back policy.

However, if you are new to this or want to explore GEOfinder’s possibilities before making a full commitment, don’t miss out on its 48-hour free trial period for only $1 (for the web-based version). This special deal allows you to test out all the features for 2 days without making any significant upfront investments.


Compatibility is one of GEOfinder’s strong suits. As we’ve highlighted earlier in this review, GEOfinder boasts extensive support for all cell phone brands and operating systems. So no matter what mobile you want to track, GEOfinder can seamlessly integrate with it. This level of compatibility means that you get a one-stop solution for practically any GPS tracking need.

GEOfinder Advantages & Disadvantages

GEOfinder is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a dependable location monitoring solution. It’s furnished with extra features and delivers in every location tracking area. Here’re the things you will love most about GEOfinder:

  • Accurate GPS coordinates
  • Impeccable compatibility
  • Limitless tracking requests
  • 1$ trial
  • No rooting or tertiary app required
  • Anonymity

However, no app is perfect and here’s a quick list of areas where GEOfinder could improve its services further:

  • A link can be generated only once every 3 hours
  • Above average pricing
  • The target may not click on the link and location tracking won’t be possible

Is GEOfinder a Legitimate Tracker?

GEOfinder is a legit service that doesn’t break any law. It’s available on authoritative marketplaces such as App Store and Google Play. These platforms verify every app they host, so be sure that GEOfinder has passed meticulous checks and is not a scam.

Will GEOfinder Location Tracker Be Beneficial?

Loaded with enhanced location monitoring capabilities, GEOfinder can prove to be useful in different ways. It caters to any requirement, whether you are tracking your partner, kids, or business. The app boasts the utmost accuracy of results, while a rich feature set helps you get a better picture when tracking location. All these advantages make GEOfinder the best bet for personal or business tracking needs.

Bottom Line: GEOfinder – an Anonymous & Precise Location Tracker

GEOfinder is a trustworthy location tracker tool that can monitor any mobile device without leaving any footprints. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to tamper with the target device, making it the best choice among similar apps. Though it may seem a bit pricey for users on a tight budget, GEOfinder compensates it with a free trial for novices. Overall, it offers a safe, convenient, and user-friendly way to keep tabs on someone’s coordinates.


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