Free Website Builder That Web Design Experts Love – Mobirise Review

Hello everyone and welcome to technology sage. Today we are looking at Free Website Builder That Web Design Experts Love. If you are web designer out there and you have been looking for a website builder that you can use for web designing purposes, then this article is just what you have been looking for. Web design is quite a very fundamental aspect as far as web building is concerned. In a simple language everyone including those who are green in the field of website building, web design is what gives the interface of a website that is, it gives it the look you always see whenever you visit a particular website to outsource particular information. One among the fundamental tools website builders use to build websites is bootstrap. Bootstrap is just but an open source tool that is used by web developers to create HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework. Bootstrap 4 is the latest advanced version of Bootstrap toolkit that involves latest HTML, CSS, JavaScript framework, themes and templates for the work of building and designing of websites. Today we introduce you to the Bootstrap 4 ready website builder, Mobirise.

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a free online website builder for Windows and Mac Operating System users that one can download and easily create small and medium websites, landing pages and online resumes and portfolios just free. Mobirise Website Builder has over 1800 colorful website blocks, themes and templates to help you design your website in a much easier and faster way than any other before. If you are a website builder or a web designer, you might want to ask why you should use Mobirise or any other?

Catchy Templates:

Mobirise comes with Website Templates that will make it easier to design your website. You can customize these templates to styles and colors and add the information you require just so easily like never seen before. You can never miss a template. There is virtually every template for every website you may want to build or design. You can choose from Business templates, ecommerce website, Hotel HTML and Hotel website, online shopping website, shopping website, portfolio, one-page templates, Bootstrap templates, School website templates, music website, real estate template and many many more templates. You can use these templates and HTML templates to build and design any website. It is very easy and fun to use Mobirise. Try any of these templates to design any kind of websites you desire. Together with these catchy templates, Mobirise gives you a mind-blowing over 2000+ blocks to include and edit on your website!!!

How to work with Mobirise:

Now, you already got important information about Mobirise. But the question is, how do you go about with Mobirise? Ok, it is very easy and simple. I will explain briefly. A more detailed explanation is included in the embedded video in this article. If you don’t understand, kindly watch the video embedded in the article.

  1. Choosing a template; the first step requires you to choose a template you want to work with. The template you choose will depend on what kind of website you want to build and design. As mentioned earlier above, there are quite a number of templates you can choose from. So, first, chose the template which is in line with your specific website.
  2. Edit the design; the second step is to customize your website by using the features provided in the template. Start by clicking on the plus (+) button at the bottom right. You can now start adding the blocks. You can add color, add text, change font and font size, add images and pictures, add contact information, background images among other important features as seen in the embedded video. Mobirise comes with over 2000 blocks you can choose from. That includes Sliders, galleries, call-to-action-buttons, google maps, data and pricing tables, full-screen intros, social blocks, testimonials, progress bar, and cycles, tabs and accordions among many more others.
  3. Publish your Website; After everything is set correctly to your satisfaction and you have reviewed your work, all that is remaining is to publish your website. To publish, it is very simple. Just click on the “publish” icon at the top right side.

Benefits of using Mobirise Free online web design.

  1. Mobirise is simple and free to use.
  2. It is less costly than any other web designing website.
  3. You can use Mobirise even if you don’t have web development skills.
  4. It is also great for pro-coders for fast prototyping and also for small customer’s projects.
  5. Mobirise free online web design comes with the latest templates through Bootstrap 4, which is the latest advanced version of Bootstrap toolkit that involves latest HTML, CSS, JavaScript framework, themes and templates for the work of building and designing of websites. For mobile phone viewing, you don’t need to separately design your website for desktop and mobile viewing. All designs will perfectly fit on both desktops and magically for mobile phone like hands in gloves.


If you are looking for an online Free Website Builder That Web Design Experts Love, then I bet your search ends right here with Mobirise. Mobirise is very cheap, fast, easy to use and it is the only way you can develop a website, design it and publish it even when you don’t have the website building and designing skills. It gives you the ability to use it with ease and it is just fun. As compared to other online web building websites, Mobirise is the only one that gives you more features like over 2000 blocks, many templates and the only one which anyone, just anyone can use. It gives you elegant designs and interfaces fired up by the latest Bootstrap 4 toolkit which is the latest advanced version of Bootstrap toolkit that packs the latest HTML, CSS, JavaScript framework, themes and templates for the work of building and designing of websites. Use Mobirise to develop cutting-edge, mobile-ready websites that look great on any devices and browsers.

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