Free-Trial SMS Services with Romania Numbers

Virtual SIMs have become an integral part of online businesses. The great thing about online SIM providers is that you are not limited in quantity if you are using a reputable company.

Registering multiple accounts may become an every-day horror if you are not using a virtual directory accommodation. Nobody wants to endlessly change SIM-cards while passing registration. The situation changes when you are using virtual numbers.

Most companies work with multiple countries. For example, the USA and Great Britain directories can be found in almost every provider’s list. However, there are countries that are not that easy to find, especially if you are looking to use a free provider. Romania is among those countries.

Where to Find Romania Numbers?

OnlineSIM is among those providers that do offer Romania directories. Actually, it works with more than 30 countries and owns more than 10000 directories. This virtual directory provider has short-time numbs (up to 40 minutes) and numbs for rent (unlimited, starting from 1 day). The last type is very convenient, especially if you need, for example, to restore an account that has been blocked for some reason.

The fees of this company will pleasantly surprise you along with the level of safety. Another pleasant thing is that you can try OnlineSIM’s services for free. Agree that this is an important option. Many services have issues with the delivery time. Sometimes messages are not delivered at all and you have to restart the registration.

Lots of services do not have enough hardware for their SIMs or have failure software. OnlineSIM states that nobody else will have access to the numbers you have bought.

More Online SIM Providers with Romania Numbs

Here is the list of other virtual numbs providers that offer numbers from Romania.


This is a provider with global coverage including Romania. Its delivery is claimed to be ‘lighting fast’.


This accommodation has more than 20 communication tools and offers Romanian directories. Unfortunately it has no free offerings.


You can send bulk messages with this service from Romanian numbers. You will receive free SMS credit after signing up.


Having a client base of over 2000 people JookSMS has a user-friendly interface It will take about 5 minutes to set up. There is an option to try their Romanian numbers for free.


It is always better to try something before buying. The same is applied to free online sms. Receive free access to Romanian numbers at OnlineSIM.

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