Four Ways To Improve the Education Methods with Transcription

Transcription has been finding its uses in almost all aspects of life, and education is no exception. It can make the whole experience a lot easier and enjoyable for students and lecturers alike. The following four benefits are of immeasurable value, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Easily Review Research Materials

Almost all college tasks require you to gather up large batches of information, especially writing assignments. The topics can be extremely detailed, which means you’ll have to use everything at your disposal – books, journals, papers, Internet articles and videos. With huge papers, there is need for staples to put everything in order. Reading large texts that are thousands of words long isn’t that big of an issue, since you can skim through most of the unnecessary stuff. However, the problem arises when you have to analyze the video material. In the best case scenario, you might be able to extract some important bits – but this isn’t enough.

Luckily, the automatic transcriber Audext can convert audio to text for you in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to wait days to get the much needed result since there aren’t any human workers involved, and there’s no downtime – Audext will provide the transcripts of your files as fast as you can upload them. With the 0.13:1 ratio, Audext takes approximately seven minutes to transcribe an hour worth of audio. The AI-based algorithms are capable of recognizing specific patterns in the human speech and thus filter out any unwanted noise. This way, you can properly organize your materials and prepare in advance.

2. Optimized Learning

Regardless of how hard you try to attend each class or seminar, chances are you’re going to miss a few here and there. Recently, many lecturers have started recording each important event so that the absent students can catch up. This includes notes, Q&A sessions and sometimes even the whole lectures. Unfortunately, these recordings can be quite lengthy. If you’re looking for a specific piece of information, finding it can be a huge inconvenience. Having a corresponding transcript can tremendously help you in this task – here’s how.

When you have access to a formatted text file, finding the wanted word is just a few clicks away. For example, the Audext service has an integrated editor that comes with a built-in “Find” feature. All you have to do is enter the wanted term, and it’ll automatically switch to it. If you’d like a bit more control, you can take advantage of the audio playback speed slider in order to manually find what you’re looking for. To fully optimize your learning efficiency, you can even interchangeably use the audio and textual formats of the study material.

3. Improved Engagement with Online Students

Physical presence plays a huge role as far as engagement is concerned, so it’s no wonder that online students need some kind of additional incentive to learn. If this is ignored, many of them lose the motivation and the discipline to carry on. One of the ways to improve their engagement is by spicing up the lectures through varying presentation of learning materials. Simply put, this means that they shouldn’t be limited to the videos of filmed lessons, but they should also have access to their textual counterparts.

To make these materials available ASAP, you’ll have to use a quick and accurate service. Audext is able to provide over 99% efficiency on all recordings which don’t contain any background noise, such as lectures. This means that the university staff won’t have to waste any additional time on fixing the spelling errors made by low quality transcription services. Everything is ready from the get-go, and the online students will be able to keep up with the regular ones.

4. Transcribe Educational Events

A university’s reputation is measured by its tendency to organize educational events and improve upon its existing methods. The more valuable a student’s education is, the more people will be willing to join in. This is why it’s important to record each occasion regardless of how small or big it is – this can be a lecture, a group session or even an academic interview. Even those from the outside will appreciate the effort which went into offering everyone additional educational material.

To make it even more professional, audio to text converter online Audext provides a transcription that contains speaker labels before each line in the text file. This is especially important for the events which involve multiple people (such as the aforementioned group sessions or interviews), since everyone will be able to clearly differentiate between them. All things considered, transcription can bring the educational system to a whole new level – it’s only a matter of using it properly.

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