Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Software

A project portfolio management software is a tool designed to analyze and at the same manage the current or proposed projects, and this is based on many important characteristics. This software is aimed at finding an optimal resource mix for delivery and also scheduling activities in a manner that can help a firm achieve its operational and financial objectives. More importantly, the software has to factor in the various constraints faced. Enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) is an approach aimed at managing the resources and the project-intensive work of an organization.

What does a project portfolio management software do?

A project portfolio management software enables decision makers to work on advanced projects with minimal to no complications, allowing them to complete the projects within the scheduled time. This software will also enable you to come up with feasible targets and their due dates, based on what you key in the system. With a project portfolio management software you can connect assignments that are interdependent with ease. This enables you to understand the whole picture of the project, making sure there is great cooperation between various departments. Softwares that have been designed are wholly transforming how projects are being handled. With EPPM you are in a position to identify any issues or opportunities that arise so that you can adjust your resources and timelines in accordance with the latest developments. Some of the most popular EPPM softwares include:


This software comes with advanced features that can help project managers to address any complexities arising when managing projects. The software is user-friendly, and its planning, delegation, tracking, and reporting features are excellent. This software enables the users to maximize the investment they have put into the project portfolio management software. It comes with additional features, like advanced scheduling, project tracking, and time, resource, and expense management. These features address almost of the challenges faced when it comes to managing several projects across organizations.

Microsoft project and portfolio management

This software allows users to quickly start a project with  ease. The software has built-in templates and scheduling tools, and it gives access across multiple devices. These features are very important if users want to increase the productivity of both the project managers and their teams. This software can also allow users to streamline the project with the available resources and to carry out portfolio management effectively.

Portfolio for jira

This is a portfolio management software that is used in the organizations that have adopted the Agile methodology. The software allows the company to create plans, and then it forecast which of those are most realistic. It also enables the company decision makers to make informed and well thought-out decisions in case anything unexpected happens. The software can predict the release dates, allowing the project managers to optimize the schedule of their team with immediate effects. This software is also quite useful when it comes to managing resources and tracking business objectives.