Efficiently Installing Games: Where And How?

Almost everyone will be familiar with the concept of video games and the billion dollars worth “serious pro gaming” industry. While the global industry can seem elite, everyone can be a gamer quite effortlessly. Several avenues exist for people to download games from, and also their relevant components. Websites offering game components are especially handy. They can fix game errors like missing msvcr100.dll, leading the user to download msvcr100.dll from these websites.


Steam is an online platform for games or a gaming library, where anyone can download games to play on their system. These libraries have a range of game categories that will interest every kind of player. Downloading games from Steam is effortless, and the installation package gets one through the process quickly.

Getting Steam

The first step is to download the steam application onto the system, to do this gamers have to access their website, where a direct link to download is available. The link downloads the installation package. This package is a set-up file that needs to run on the system to install the Steam application.

Running The Set-up File

After downloading the set-up package, gamers have to run the file. Once the file opens up it will lead the user through a series of dialogue boxes detailing the process and requesting permissions. The last dialogue box confirms the install and begins setting up the program files on the system.

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Opening Steam

Once the application finishes the installation, gamers can access the program and officially begin gaming. A stable internet connection provides optimal usage and gaming performance. After opening the application, it prompts for a Login or a Sign-Up. New players can create a Steam profile, it is free and offers several benefits. After creating a profile, which will take about 5 minutes depending on the connectivity, the users can log into the application.

Finding Games

Steam has a solid UI and offers a simple but smooth user experience. On opening the application, the game library section pops on the screen, where gamers can find their downloaded games. New users will have to download games and fill their library. Finding games to download is effortless on the app. The search bar is available on the top of the screen, where people can search for a particular game. Gamers wanting to try new games can use the drop-down menu tab on the top-left of the screen. The categories menu has different gaming categories, which gamers can choose from.

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Installing A Game

Game installations are similar to downloading the Steam installation package. Gamers can press on the “Get Game” Button which takes them to the game’s page. After pressing install, the game installs successfully on the system. Gamers can also opt to store the game on their Steam account, which will take up less internal memory. Gamers can now find the game on their system, or log into Steam and find it in their library.


Steam is one of the most familiar gaming libraries around the world, but they are not the only library. Steam gets its reputation for storing high-quality original games from verified sources. The Google Play Store, Apple Store, The Microsoft Store, Origin, etc., are also verified libraries with various games. Downloading them is a similar process to downloading Steam.

Downloading games from these sources is highly recommended, as they are safe and globally vetted. Unverified sources may not have the entire installation package leading to DLL errors. In such scenarios, gamers have to google and download the relevant DLL file. For example, they can Google “download msvcr100.dll” and download it from verified websites like “Fixport”.