Dota Pro Circuit 2019-2029 Details Revelead


We finally know all there is to know about the new DPC Season.

The long wait finally came to an end after Valve announced the rules and dates for the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2019-2020. There are many new rules and other stuff, so let’s not waste any more time and check them out.

Format of the DPC


Starting from November 7, the new DPC will begin with the first qualifiers for the Majors and the Minors. Yes, from now on, there will be only one qualifier for both events, making it easier for the teams. Similar to last year, those qualifiers will be region-based and each region will have at least two spots for each Major and minor. If there are any slots left, Valve will assign them based on different criteria.

Trying to explain how the qualifiers for each region work is definitely easier said than done. As a start, each region’s qualifier will have three steps that they need to do. First, the teams will be divided into two groups where they will play a Bo2. The top two teams from each group will go to the second phase, whereas the third goes to the third phase. Sadly, the remaining teams will be eliminated and receive 10 DPC points as compensation. However, if the region happens to have three slots for a certain event, the forth-placed teams will play in Bo3 against each other in order to determine which one will advance further.

The second phase has four teams in a double-elimination bracket. The top two here will go to the Major, whereas the bottom two will advance to phase three, where they have to play once more in a double-elimination bracket. The team that wins the qualifiers here will go to the Minor, whereas the others will receive 20 DPC points.

Points, Points, Points

The new DPC Season is all about getting the needed points which will guarantee you a direct invite for TI 10. Having said that, similar to last season, Valve has set the prize money for each Major and Minor to $1,000,000 and $300,000 respectively.

In order for a team to get directly invited for TI, they need to be among the top twelve teams in terms of DPC points. Similar to last year, those who don’t end up there will have to earn their spot through the regional qualifiers.

Roster Shuffles

One of the new rules for the 2019-2020 DPC is also related to the player registration. Now, if a team tries to remove a player after they qualified for a DPC event but before actually starting it, they will receive an additional 20% penalty to the DPC points that they would get from the event. What’s more, if a team plays with a substitute at a given event, they will get an even bigger punishment – a 40% penalty. This is definitely one of the most controversial decisions yet because teams often use subs when their players are not available. That said, it’s very unlikely that Valve will make up their minds, which means that the teams need to adapt.

Luckily, the teams have time until the beginning of the fifth Minor to make their final changes. After that point, they won’t be able to release any players from their rosters. However, they will still be able to add players if there are missing someone, which is a good sign.

Another new rule is that the players who are related to other teams that already qualified for The International or the regional qualifiers for it will not be able to participate in The International Open Qualifiers. This change was kind of expected and it will definitely have a significant impact on the Chinese scene where players often tend to

The final deadline for player changes will be the beginning of the fifth Minor. Teams will no longer be permitted to release players from their rosters at that point, though they can add players to acquire a full set of five up until 12:00 p.m. PST the day after the last Major concludes. The International invites will occur at that time. Players connected to other teams already qualified for The International or the regional qualifiers for The International, may not participate in The International Open Qualifiers. This may have implications for China’s “player loan” system or for players who have worked as coaches for other teams up until that point but who would like to try their hand at competing.



Be sure not to miss the beginning of this DPC season because it’s truly going to be epic. Also, there are a couple of pretty cool none-DPC dota 2 tournaments worth watching too. Despite the fact they won’t provide any DPC points, they still have some of the highest prize pools. After all, the Dota 2 tournaments are always full of surprises.

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