Customizing 3D printing, Novice tools might beat the professional CAD

The rapid advancement technology has two major effects. First one is that it is becoming more and more potent, which allows it to do things we could only dream of before. Second one is that it is getting easier and easier to work with. In fact, the end goal is to one day erase the line of proficiency in using machines, thus making them more streamlined and as automated as possible. This only means that novice tools might soon beat even the professional CAD, at least when it comes to customizing 3D printing. Here are some facts and assumptions to support this bold claim.

Making unique products

We live in an era of mass production where we can purchase almost anything we can think of. Unfortunately, even today it so happens that we may come up with an idea with which none of already existent products can follow up. When this happens, we have no option but to make this product on our own. Now, with the help from adequate apps, you can just make a design that you have always dreamt of and use 3D printing to create it. With this in mind, there is no end to your possibilities and once you become proficient enough with these customization tools, you will be able to make anything that you can imagine.

3D printing

Artificial food created with a 3D printer

The variety of choice

The only difficulty in adjusting to this trend probably lies in the abundance of choices that you now have. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions such as what kind of material would you like to use and what size will this item be. Of course, you would also have to customize the shape, but the phrase ‘whatever you can think of’ gets a completely new meaning in this situation. Still, here you will need adequate software. For example, when it comes to jewelry making (which is one of the most popular 3D printing options) you have different apps for custom rings, pendants and woven jewelry.

Décor and housewares

Furthermore, you would no longer need to spend a fortune on housewares. It’s easier than ever to make something that exactly fits your purpose. For example, there is nothing simpler than using 3D printing to make unique cookie casters, which can help and make your every desert almost magical. Additionally, you can always use it to make ornaments which can greatly help in your home’s decoration. Here you can make anything you could possibly think of, whether it is a part of holiday decoration or a nice photo shaper for you living room. Needless to say, the world is your oyster.

Customizing 3D printing

Improving commercial 3D printing

Now, even though the end goal is to make 3D printing as user-friendly as possible, one must admit that commercial printing still reigns supreme. All these incredible options for customization and optimization of printed products resounded soundly amongst the veterans in the field and made them further broaden their horizons. In other words, even though focus was mostly on laymen in this industry, as a side effect, numerous commercial printing companies managed to raise the quality (and even creativity) of their business to a whole next level.

Many claim human creativity and ingenuity to be infinite. However, up until recently it was bound by the notion of our possibilities. Once this incredible 3D printing technology reaches its pinnacle something like this will no longer be necessary. We truly live in an exciting time, which resembles more of a daring Sci-Fi material, than a world we lived in just several decades ago. Even though a major asset to our civilization, these 3D printers are here no more than a tip of an iceberg of everything that lies ahead.

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