Changes to expect in Fifa 15, Fifa 16 and Fifa 17

With the new football season already underway, football fans and fanatics are craving for a feel of the fifa 15 game. Fifa 15 is now available for purchase and it has a few new and exciting features. I decided to write this article because i love the game and am actually going to outline a revie of the fifa 15 game. This will put foward a comprehensive review of the fifa 15 game. Before you start asking questions on how to download the full fifa 15 game for free, lets check out what to expect.

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What Changes to expect in FIFA 15
The aspects of the game that has changes include:

  1. Emotional intensity
  2. Team management
  3. Team tactics
  4. Living the pitch
  5. Man to man battles

Emotional intensity
In fifa 15, the players will exhibit emotions depending on the situation of the match, the time and even the scoreline. Players will also respond to ugly moments on the field of play such as hash tackles, briliant goals, missed goal scoring opportunities just the same way they do in the real life games.

Team Management
In this fifa 15 game, you have the choice of customizing more than one team sheet, change tactics, roles and formation in the team management depending on the next opponent you will be facing. To be precise you can manage upto six team sheets in advance. Under the team management, you can also give instructions to players to change the way the game unfolds.

Team tactics
In this new revolutions, players will adjust their tactics in the match just like they would in real life depending on the concept of match. The team mates and opponents in fifa 15 beheve like they really know whats unfolding in the match. Some of the tactics in this game include the (parking of the bus) or defendind when the team is in a lead.

Living the Pitch
The football pitch is now more lively than ever. As the match unfolds in FIFA 15, the football pitch wears out with scratches from boots, slide tackles and debris all visible on the football pitch surface. The stadiums are full of emotions just like in real life. The corner flags are not stagnant anymore as they can move, the goal post frames shake when struck and even the animated visual adds shows on the add boards bringing the match to life.

Man to Man battles
Fifa 15 envisages an enhanced cloth technology hence shirt pulling during tackles will be visible. Experience shoulder barges, the physics and the impact in the big falls
like you are the one in the game. This revelation makes it fun to disposses opponents and in intercepting passes.

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