Best Smart Home Gadgets in 2022 and Beyond

While the right furniture and décor go a long way in making a home appealing and beautiful, gadgets are important to living a better life. There are many devices on the market using smart technology, which helps in making daily activities easy and quick. Smart home security is another important technology going up these days. Some of the big internet and Wi-Fi providers are making an innovational change with tech in home security, and one of the prominent examples come with Xfinity and its home security with Xfinity Home; you obtain more information about it at Xfinity customer services. Besides home security, smart homes, in general, are taking the world by storm.

Below we have listed all of the best buys, which will help make daily life easier: a Dyson vacuum, hand sanitizer, and even a kettle!

Air Purifier: The Blueair DustMagnet 5400 Series Purifier

The 350 to 400 US$ invention has been amazing in cleaning dust while also adding décor and storage to your house at the same time. The model automatically filters air on a round of 12.5 minutes while serving a double-purpose end table. Beauty and functionality are personified.

Phone Cleaner: Simple Human Cleanstation Phone Sanitizer

A quick solution to sanitize your smartphones: the US$ 200 device sucks in the phone, sanitizes it, and ejects all in less than 60 seconds! The product itself is sleek, compact, and stylish while being available in four finishes to match your décor!

Smart Mirror: Hauschen Home LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror

Anything smart is better than the regular one, so why not a smart mirror? Hauschen Home LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror is available for US$ 360. It has a touch screen that is easy to use, includes a dimmer which offers 20 to 100% brightness while also being anti-fog for that perfect after-shower experience! The modern look is offset by the usefulness of the mirror in the bathroom.

Cordless Vacuum: Dyson V15 Detect+

The best global brand of vacuums, Dyson has done it again with the V15+ Detect. The machine is an investment at US$ 750 but has a cordless design along with the latest Dyson technology. The powerful suction is supported by a laser light helping in sucking up even the smallest speck of dust. The canister is larger and the battery promises longer running times. The machine comes with many heads allowing one machine to clean and access every nook and cranny in your space.

Home Thermostat: Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The newest smart thermostat is also efficient: the thermostat tracks and learns users’ schedules, as well as temperature preferences which allow it to function automatically, and users, do not need to actively control it. The thermostat helps in saving energy and consequently money on the electric bill, too, since it turns off when the house is empty!

Smart Home Device: Echo Show 8 HD Smart Display With Alexa

This new version of the Echo featuring Alexa, currently US$ 70, (originally US$ 110) has been called the personal assistant of dreams. Simply hook it up in any convenient location in the home and watch it reform daily activities. The Echo helps you follow recipes in the kitchen while making notes and calls. It also can display personal pictures from storage making it a sweet addition to décor.

Home Plugs: Eve Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter

This is a device needed by everyone! It works by creating set schedules and turning off appliances or even lights quickly, easy and painless! The US$ 69 device is linked to smartphones and responds to recognized voice controls. It automatically turns off appliances at their set time or after periods of inactivity.

Smart Home Lock: August Smart Lock Connect Wi-Fi

This device is the future of keys. The August Smart Lock Connect Wi-Fi is priced at US$ 150, (originally US$ 200). Users can simply connect the device to their existing deadbolt. The device then connects with your phone via an app. Users can also set up touch-free settings which enables Bluetooth connections and the lock can sense the user walking up to the door, and automatically unlocking it. The device allows tracking of whoever has used the deadbolt while also allowing sharing of guest keys for a predetermined set of times.

Espresso Machine: Williams Sonoma Cafe Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine & Frother

Skip the lines and the cost at coffee shops with this amazing and affordable coffee machine! The device only costs US$ 730 and is called the Williams Sonoma Cafe Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine & Frother. The machine is one of the best at-home coffee makers out there: it makes amazing espressos while the frother stirs up a great froth! The stylish-to-look-at machine also uses your choice of beans to boot.

Sleeping Gadget: Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask

Invest US$ 23 in these sleep headphones and eye masks and sleep like a baby! The device has already garnered 13,000 raving reviews due to its thin speakers allowing users to listen to soothing music/ sounds. The design is not only light it is also washable making it easy to wear and comfortable for a long sleep. The device can also be connected to your smartphone.


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