6 Best Online Casino Players

The number of people playing casino games is growing at a steady rate. This is true for both land-based and online casinos. Consequently, there are more and more players who became so skillful that passers-by began to recognize them in the street. Some of them are equal to professional athletes and movie celebrities. They are great at what they do and they’re widely popular for their exceptionality.

Today, we present to you some of the most talented names of the online casino world. Some of them you probably already know and some are yet to reach the peak of their popularity.

Greg Raymer

After he won the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) in 2007, Greg Raymer stepped out of anonymity. Having invested only $320 to take part in this tournament, his profit of $168,362 was one of the biggest wins ever at the time. After that, he raised the bar much higher when he earned $5 million for winning the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Today, Greg is a well-renowned casino player who participates in some of the most important competitions across the globe. He is a frequent guest in many famous online casinos and many beginners are trying to mimic him hoping that they might reach the same heights one day. He is known for his calm face and amazing risk assessment skills in minimum deposit casinos.

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Joe Hachem

Currently one of the most famous poker champions, Joe Hachem started his career as a small-time player in third-class land-based casinos throughout the United States. He began his casino journey back in 1999 and it took him quite some time to reach the highest level. However, his struggle undoubtedly paid off because he now stands for one of the richest poker players on the planet.

Even though he’s more than familiar with all the popular variations of this game, he sticks with Texas Hold’em. He can sometimes be seen playing in Vegas but his quest for excitement often takes him abroad.

Chris Moneymaker

No, this is not a joke, Moneymaker is his real name. Unlike some of the most famous players, Chris began his career in online casinos. Even though he hasn’t won any major competitions so far, he became famous for winning an unprecedented amount of money in various online casino tournaments. Perhaps he doesn’t have a very recognizable face, but in the world of online casinos, Moneymaker is one of those names everyone has heard of. He’s not often seen in public since he prefers showing his skills in online casinos.

Kent Lundmark

The best Swedish casino player in history began his career as soon as he finished high school. He immediately won a very prestigious game at the WCOOP and earned $225.000. Today, he often appears in all the major online casino tournaments and that’s how he plans to continue his career. In his opinion, online casinos are better than the land-based ones because they’re much faster and they usually don’t impose any limitations.

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Julian Stuer

Julian became famous when he won approximately $1 million in one of the most famous land-based casinos. This young Austrian loves gambling in all its forms and he is often present in prestigious online tournaments as well. His total wealth is estimated at $4 million but he doesn’t seem satisfied. He continues to compete without big pauses and if he manages to maintain his rhythm, he might become one of the most successful players of all time.

Tom Bentham

Being one of the best British players alive, Tom gained global popularity after he won the WCOOP title. Even though he was officially a rookie at the time, he managed to outplay some of the most experienced poker players. These days, he usually plays in renowned online casinos and his games are often streamed and followed by millions of fans around the world. Bentham is a player who’s all about risky moves and the crowd simply loves him.