3 ideas for custom software development for customer service

For many industries, customer service is an area where they can gain the most in terms of user trust and satisfaction rate. With custom solutions, you can maximize your chances of outrunning competitors. Which ideas are worth considering in this respect?

Today, it’s common for companies to use SaaS customer service solutions with some automation features. Customers are growing used to the increased availability of customer services powered by AI, and skipping it may be a costly mistake. Even emerging startups invest in off-the-shelf solutions to streamline their processes in this regard. 

Custom software development is the only way to actually stand out. Which are the hottest solutions on the market that could bring your customer service next level if only you invest in the support of a custom software development company?

#1 Virtual assistants instead of bots

NLP is a dynamically developing branch of artificial intelligence. With its development, bots are becoming more and more responsive and closer to humans. Customers have grown used to bots, but their requirements in this regard are increasing. They have no patience for those with low comprehensive skills and may migrate to another brand just because of how they affected their customer experience. 

That’s why it’s worth investing in advanced virtual assistants based on deep learning NLP models that provide an experience close to human-human interaction. They should be able to catch the context, not only keywords, and integrate with customers’ profiles to provide better insights.

#2 Improving ticket system

The efficiency of the ticket system has a crucial impact on customer service. Once the tickets are automatically categorized and redirected to the specialists in a particular field, the customer service becomes much faster, improving the customer satisfaction rate. By developing the custom NLP model with the custom application development company, you can adjust the system of ticketing and ticket solving to the particular needs of the company. You can feed the model with the data you acquired from your solved tickets to make it more effective at streamlining future problem-solving. 

#3 Automated commercial communication

How about sending reminders and offers in a more immersive and engaging form? You can switch from text to automatically generated, a personalized video containing the data of the particular customer. The clients like to feel that we’re addressing them directly – thus, such solution has a potential across various industries! Companies offering custom software development services should provide you with an option of developing such tool.

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