XTRF Translation Management system – who are we?

We work with over 350 companies around the globe providing them with business management software. Our clients are mostly translation companies, corporate language departments and public organizations of all sizes. XTRF translation management system has been operating since 2004 and until now has been implemented in several hundred companies.

The system is one of the most popular, recognizable and fastest growing management systems worldwide. XTRF is a cloud-based solution created to meet the specific needs of translation agencies. XTRF’s main target is to simplify the daily work of translation agency employees while at the same time increasing their productivity. The system integrates 3 portals thanks to which project managers can control the work efficiently throughout the whole project, smoothly collaborate with clients and vendors and automate all the processes.

XTRF allows for full CAT integration meaning the synchronization and project exchange with the chosen CAT tool. What do we mean by that?

The CAT analysis files or log files are imported directly to the project and based on it cost/revenue is calculated. Thanks to it the creation of quotes for customers and purchase orders for vendors is facilitated, moreover the miscalculations possibility while doing the work manually is eliminated.

●     Projects are automatically created in the integrated CAT tool based on files and settings provided in XTRF

●     When project is completed in the CAT tool, the files are sent back to XTRF,  where Project Manager can process the further if needed or deliver to the client

●     Last, but no least – when project is completed, the translation memory updates automatically

These features and full CAT integration are supported for the following CAT tools:

memoQ, Memsource, SDL Trados Studio, and XTM.

Our translation management system facilitates almost all translation project management areas including management and support of:

●     translation projects

●     work-flow management

●     client and vendor database

●     invoicing

●     sales activities

●     preparation of quotes

●     project files

●     quality 

XTRF is also about automations, it provides automatic flow of translation documents, project workflow automation, automation of project orders creation and all repetitive work.

Automation of routine business processes helps to maintain low costs, which in turn, contributes to customer satisfaction. What is more, the system helps to eliminate delays and meet deadlines.

Your XTRF instance can be accessed anytime and anywhere, making your business always operational. Keeping all the database and information in one place thanks to Customer and Vendor Portals allow your customers and vendors to reach you anytime.

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