Why did Australia move from the Oceanic to the Asian Football Confederation?

Australia’s transition from the Oceanic Football Confederation (OFC) to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 2006 was driven by a wealth of quantifiable factors. Make some online betting from 1xBet site on the Socceroos too. They include:

  • the need for enhanced competition;
  • improved development pathways;
  • and a more extensive football network in the rapidly growing Asian region.

Let’s start discussing the aspect of competitive imbalance. The statistics within the OFC paint a clear picture of Australia’s dominance. The OFC competitions are also available for making online betting from the 1xBet site too.

The Socceroos consistently dominated OFC World Cup qualifiers, with a staggering win rate exceeding 90%. These lopsided victories highlighted the lack of competition.

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Qualifying for the FIFA World Cup

The switch to the AFC significantly improved Australia’s odds of World Cup qualification. It is always possible to make any sports line betting on 1xBet, where the FIFA World Cup and its qualifiers are also available.

In the OFC, only 0.5 spots were guaranteed. Meaning the top team from Oceania needed to face a play-off. In contrast, the AFC offered direct qualification slots, dramatically increasing Australia’s chances of securing a place in the tournament. Through any sports betting line on 1xBet, it is also possible to wager on who will qualify to the FIFA World Cup too. This transition has resulted in Australia securing consecutive World Cup berths since 2010.

Sporting and developmental benefits

The AFC move aimed to nurture Australian football talent by exposing players to stronger opponents. Through www.1xbet.co.ke/line/football you can also wager on teams from the Asian Football Confederation too.

This strategic shift is evident in the growth of the Australian domestic football league, the A-League. Since joining the AFC, the A-League has experienced an impressive average attendance increase of approximately 30%, showcasing the rising interest and investment in the sport domestically.

Australia’s integration into the AFC provided access to the thriving Asian football market. This transition, coupled with the surging popularity of the A-League, has translated into substantial economic gains for Australian football. Broadcasting rights revenue, for instance, has more than doubled since the move, reaching an annual figure of around $55 million. If you want to wager on Australian football, your best option is the 1xBet platform.


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