Use Of Technology To Curb Ebola Menace

We have all heard about Ebola either in the past or most probably in the recent times. It’s no secret any more that Ebola is a continental threat to Africa in the most recent times. Here are a few symptoms of Ebola in as early as two days to three weeks of contracting the disease

  • sore throat
  • frequent fever
  • muscle pain
  • headaches
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • rashes
  • problems with the kidney and the liver
A technological giant-winning
misery is among the techniques that can help prevent epidemics in the future,
such as the Ebola outbreak which has of late a number feared to be more than
460 people in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Doctors are considering to
increase the use of emerging technologies to reduce the spread of the disease
and have fears of many cases going undetected because many victims opt for the
self-help or conventional treatments.
IBM has announced a sixty million pounds project to use its Watson supercomputer this year to assist in solving
African problems. Watson has in previous past been used to assist in the
treatment of cancer patients in the United States and the computer understands
human language well enough that it was able to outshine two of the heroes of the
United States TV quiz handlers in 2011. It has ability to make decisions after
analysing quickly large amounts of data sets which edges it ahead of other more
traditional supercomputers that focus on more general data processing
techniques. The good thing about this supercomputer is that it is a societal
computer, information about cases of Ebola can be fed into the system, for
example, and then you could ask the computer questions, and it will give you a
complete diagnosis and propose the Best approach in the treatment for a
particular patient on the basis of these data analysed.
It is clear that access
to this system could help most developing countries in Africa to manage best
 their medical
outbreaks and especially Ebola outbreak that has been on the rampage of late.
Another technology is
under consideration to help curb diseases such as measles and malaria epidemics
in Africa. It has been noted that scientists in Burkina Faso are using
satellite data to track desert dust storms in Sahara desert and linking the
data with meningitis which is an airborne disease that is easily transmitted
from one person to another mainly by wind.
Not only is it urgent to
curb these epidemics, it is also important that we adopt the latest, fastest
and efficient technologies in doing so. Let us not always point fingers at each other, we have to understand that this is a responsibility of each and every individual regardless of race, age education standard and status quo. Lets all kick Ebola out of Africa.

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