Tips for Improving Your Industrial Mixer’s Efficiency

Industrial blenders, such as a ribbon mixer, are used to process powders, granules, and pellets in many industries. They can also coat certain particles with liquids. Additionally, these machines can heat or dry ingredients. They are used to make many products, including fertilizers, animal feeds, glass, and food. However, they must be used properly, and a thorough process evaluation must be conducted to ensure they run at maximum efficiency. 

Watch Your Mixing Time

Some mixers can give you a perfect blend in as little as 15 minutes. The main components that determine mixing time are the size and density of your ingredients. The best way to speed up your mixing time and become more efficient is to create recipes with similar size and density ingredients. Even if you cannot do this, you can still increase efficiency by closely watching your mixer and ensuring it doesn’t operate for longer than necessary. 

Think About Your Processes

Optimizing your processes, such as unloading, cleaning, and reloading can help you maximize your efficiency. Evaluate your strategies and look for areas that you can improve your speed or make something more straightforward. For instance, you could make loading your machine more manageable and faster by finding an opening cover with a big charge port. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Horsepower

Choosing a suitable horsepower motor is a good way to ensure efficiency. Typically, you provide your manufacturer with the ingredient density, batch volume, and required agitator speed, and they will recommend the correct horsepower. While the first two are given numbers, it may be harder to calculate your required agitator speed before purchasing and testing a machine. Therefore, before you purchase a device, consult with experienced professionals and try to develop an accurate recommended horsepower that you can have in mind. 

Know About Options

Another way to increase efficiency is to know what options are available and how they could help you. For instance, if you are trying to break apart agglomerates and speed up processing times, you may want to add high-speed choppers. Meanwhile, if you need more heat transfer to ingredients, you should look at a jacketed trough. On the other hand, a removable agitator can help you speed up your unloading, cleaning, and reloading processes. 

Industrial blenders are used in a variety of applications. Therefore, it is important to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency. These are just some of the ways you can make your blending operation more efficient. 

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