TikTok Guide: How To Fix TikTok FYP Bugs & Other Glitches?

TikTok serves as the most popular app when it comes to entertaining content. Yet, it sometimes dissatisfies some users as the existing platform undergoes bugs, glitches, and other relevant issues. It’s true because even the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other massive social media platforms have the same problems. Also, the TikTok users suffer from severe internal bugs. In this case, TikTok’s developers are upgrading with regular updates to resolve the new glitches and other system failures. Recently, TikTok users complained about the TikTok issue called the FYP bug. When the glitch happens, the TikTok apps For You Page videos will automatically stop playing or working.

Are you a video creator on TikTok? Do you want to turn your audience’s engagement with video likes, views, and shares? If so, make sure that your audience has got no technical glitches on their apps. You can promote your content among your audiences with higher engagement results with the best idea once you buy tiktok views for your TikTok profile to gain vast video reach and traffic. It ultimately boosts up your organic rank among your competitors. Now, it reports that several users are experiencing issues while using TikTok. Are you freaked out by TikTok glitching? This article explains how to fix the TikTok For You page glitch to understand how it exists on TikTok, methods of improving the TikTok glitch, and their solutions.

Something About TikTok

TikTok is the most suitable application where users record videos and share them with other people. It is one of the trending platforms perfect for advertising your business and entertaining simultaneously.

Why Do TikTok FYP Bugs Exist?

Based on the report, TikTok hasn’t confirmed why the present system glitch still happens. Anyhow, some people claim that they have never encountered the issue before. In this situation, it means that TikTok’s bug doesn’t impact the social media platform. Yet, the glitch will only happen randomly on particular TikTok accounts. Now, TikTok hasn’t confirmed if its developers are already working to resolve this issue.

How To Fix TikTok’s FYP Glitch?

If you invest your time viewing trending TikTok challenges, such as the latest trend of My Name is Suzie, then the present FYP bug will surely irritate your profile. However, as the developers haven’t considered the glitch, the compelling factor you can make is to follow these practical steps that help you to resolve your issue by yourself:

  • First, restart the app or your complete device.
  • Enter to the Me Tab, click on the three dots to open the settings, then scroll down to the option of clear cache button.
  • Look at your internet connection.
  • For news updates about the latest FYP clutches and other relevant app bugs, always check your tabs.

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Some Facts About TikTok Glitches To Know

There are several reasons why TikTok has a glitch that makes it tougher to use through exciting applications. Several TikTok users report some TikTok videos, views, followers, comments, and shared glitches on Twitter. These are the possible reasons for the TikTok glitches, they are:

Device-Based: Always make sure that you are using the latest operating system from your smartphone. Yet, in several cases, the app glitches are from your phone too.

Internet-Based: Sometimes, if your internet is running slow or you have not activated your data permissions, it will cause some TikTok glitches.

App-Based: If you are trying to use it on your smartphone, the app doesn’t open. Then the issue cannot be your issue with TikTok’s official server page.

Location-Based: In recent times, the TikTok ban was there in a few countries. Hence, if you live in a country where TikTok bans or has restrictions, it is normal to have TikTok glitches. If you worry about TikTok glitches, here are the best solutions to start TikTok video recording the TikTok videos using hundreds of filters.

Ways To Test & Fix TikTok Glitches

There are several methods to resolve the TikTok glitching issue efficiently. Yet, several of them are simply time-consuming. Hence, we have curated some primary ways with a short description to fix several TikTok glitches.

Let’s look at the following methods and try to find what you have been looking for.

  • Try to force stop and restart your TikTok app
  • Restart your Devices: Smartphones, PCs, Tab
  • Try to reinstall or update the TikTok app.
  • Make sure you clear your cache or junk app.
  • Check on the internet connection
  • Make use of VPN
  • Contact the TikTok support team.


In brief, the article explains TikTok’s FYP bugs and other glitches to resolve the video glitching problem and the FYP glitches. All these methods are the right option that serves the TikTok user. If you are an advertiser, start your promotional process on TikTok, but if you come across these glitches, try to resolve them by yourself. After that, try to create engaging TikTok content to gain plenty of engagement results for your profile. Meanwhile, you can even try to use TikViral for your TikTok profile that can skyrocket your social media performances to the best level.

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