The Bar for Web Development Is Higher Than Ever – Why DIY Won’t Cut It Anymore

The question of whether you should outsource your web development or not is one that affects many businesses both large and small. With the advancement of web development technology and the increasing specialization of web developers into many different niches, there are plenty of reasons why it makes more sense to outsource than do it yourself. “Gone are the days when knowing HTML, CSS, and a little JQuery” were enough to build a sleek website that did everything it was supposed to,” says James Poliak, a consultant at Curotec.

You probably need a more solid reason to go for outsourcing your web development, however. Fear not; we’ll give you a several very good ones.

You Get to Save Costs

Outsourcing allows you to save costs immensely. Think about the amount of money you spend on an in-house team. First, you have to spend money to hire developers, and then you have to spend money to retain them. Even then, they can still leave and you have to start the process again. Meanwhile, outsourcing is attractive whether you’re offshoring or nearshoring. Part of this is because labor costs vary from country to country and you always have the option to go for what works for you.

Shift Focus to Your Core Business

Sure, web development is a good thing and all but, as long as it’s not your core business, it will be taking up much of your time and manpower for nothing. When you outsource the work to a software team, they’ll be doing what they set out to do in the first place. It’s their business to make sure your software works. Meanwhile, you can focus on your business and stop sweating the small stuff.

Trust the Work to Experts

As pointed out in the beginning, there are numerous specializations in the world of web development and your in-house team will undoubtedly not have all the talent it requires to take care of everything. Besides, with increased specialization come increased labor costs for an in-house team. Meanwhile, outsourcing allows you to leverage the experience of a software team that has been doing it for many years. They will also be using all the latest resources to bring you quality software.

Easier Contracts to Handle

Let’s face it: labor contracts are a lot harder to deal with than business-to-business contracts. You have so many human resources issues to sort out one way. Meanwhile, with outsourced service, you can just terminate the contract if you’re not satisfied with the service.

Save the Most Important Resource of All – Time

Managing your own in-house staff takes much of your precious time that you could have otherwise been spending on more important things that are directly relevant to your core business. From the recruitment process to the career development and retention, money isn’t the only thing you’ll spend a lot of on an in-house team. Meanwhile, outsourcing allows you to go for ready-made expertise, rather than building your own up from scratch.

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