How Tulo Mattress Uses Technology to Make You Sleep Better

Sleeping comfortable and without any pressure or pain in my body has always been my priority. My “drugs” are my 8 hours of sleep and when I go to bed, I want to feel as relaxed as possible and fall asleep as fast as possible.

In my life, I have slept on different types of beds, made of various materials including pocketed coils, memory foam and hybrids. I won’t be going in details which one was the best, because at certain point of my life, these constructions worked well for me.

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Before I purchased it, I spent a long time reading all sorts of info about it, but it was this article that had tulo reviewed with the most useful info I needed. Each of them is blending into each other well so when I lie down, it feels super comfortable and there is no pressure at all. My entire back is supported and even when I turn to sleep on my side there is no pressure or discomfort in my spine.

What I love about Tulo Mattress

  • Cover – What I can’t stand are synthetic and non-breathable covers that irritate the skin the moment you lie down. Tulo fortunately isn’t one of those beds. It has a breathable and plushy cover
  • Comfort – The manufacturer designs mattresses that have four memory foam layers and are 10 inches thick. I love the comfort layer because it feels pleasantly soft. Literally every inch of your body is cradled and there is no pressure. I sleep in various positions and I need comfort (and support as well) this bed offers.  The foam is responsive and therefore, I don’t have to worry that it won’t take my shape no matter how I adjust.
  • Bounce – Foam beds aren’t known for their bounce, but Tulo has enough of it. I never felt any problems when I had to get up or toss and turn.
  • Support – The top layer is comfortable and adds no pressure, but Tulo wouldn’t have been that great if it wasn’t for its excellent support. Every layer has different density which adds for the stability of this construction. The transition is amazing; you can’t feel how the layers below feel, the blending are excellent. The four layers make a supportive and balanced mattress that provides a calm, relaxed and comfortable sleep.
  • Price – This factor plays a big role in everyone’s shopping; I know that the budget usually dictates what you’ll get, but Tulo surprised me pleasantly with its price. Although many people believe that the more reasonable the price, the worse the quality, that’s not the case with this bed.
  • Fresh rest – Yes, foam is not naturally a breathable material, but Tulo is made with a technology that provides coolness and breathability (I love that the top layer provides coolness and breathability).
  • Edge support and motion transfer – Tulo is great if you share it with a partner. First of all, even if you sleep near the edges, the bed provides excellent edge support and second of all, if you or your partner tosses and turns frequently, none of those motion vibrations transfer all over the surface. This means the mattress is supportive and won’t disturb your sleep no matter how often your partner moves during the night.
  • Warranty – I am very careful when comes to warranties, especially when buying a new mattress. I need to be sure that I’ll be covered by the company for at least a decade, like it’s the case with my Tulo bed. Always be sure that the manufacturer offers a long warranty.


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