How to Send Messages and Transfer Files From PC to PC?

Dear readers, today I want us to learn how to send messages and share files in office without internet or servers. The internet has brought to us a lot of good things and has revolutionized our working systems and the way we communicate. Let us give credit where it deserves. But we cannot turn our heads and look the other way and not look at the downside of it. As much as the internet has been quite a pivotal aspect of our every day’s lives, it has its downsides too. For instance, we are prone to cyber crimes, hacking and lack of privacy. In a business environment, there are chances that the use of the internet as a mean of communication can result in catastrophic losses when communication is breached by unauthorized access to files and other important business information. There are also chances of leakage of information from employees of a firm to other people outside that particular firm. If you are running a business, you would really not want to take such a risk.

Cybercriminals and online scammers are on the loose trying to access internet servers and get the important data and sell it on the dark market. Clearly, there is really need to find a way of transferring messages and send files within a company without an online connection. In an office setting, messages and files sent between employees or officials can also result in company information being compromised. Some private information such as messages, media files like videos and pictures and other important information whether personal or for work purposes, are meant for only a few intended eyes alone. It is very hard to totally avoid the use of internet and secure servers, but we have to admit that there is a really simple way of secure communication in the company network. This way, we can reduce the chances of being hacked or our information being compromised.

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How to Securely Receive Messages and Share Files Between Computers on Windows.

As I have mentioned above, there are greater risks of using the internet or servers to send and receive files and messages in a business, organizations or even for personal purposes. The risks are high because we are too exposed by hackers and cyber crimes which may result in leaking of information and compromising our privacy. Normally in an office setting, employees and staff can send information from one department to another through emails, fax machine and now that the smartphone advancement has knocked at our doors, we use WhatsApp too. But still, we are vulnerable to being exposed. The best way we can do this without being compromised is by using a system where we can securely broadcast messages and share files between computers and smartphones. One solution to this is by using Softros LAN chat app.

LAN messenger is an easy to use local messaging application that can be used in the business network for safe, secure, easy, effective and free intra-office communication that does not use internet or servers, therefore becoming one of the most secure means of intra-office communication that eliminates chances of hacking or cyber attacks. With Softros chat software, you can send messages between employees and staff in an office, a firm, a business or an organization without having a central server as it is in other forms of office communication systems.

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Softros LAN messenger is easy to install in your office. It is also easy to use it for you only require to install it on networked computers and employers can easily configure it without requiring training or having to get an IT personnel. Sharing files and folders is also easy for you only need to drag and drop files to share among other employees and staff within the office. It is also secure for it doesn’t require a server or internet to set up, therefore, eliminating chances of online attack and hacking. The contents and messaging shared are also encrypted therefore making sure that every bit of information about the office remains within the confines of its walls.

Softros chat application also supports Group LAN chat rooms enables employees within an office share information and discussions as a group and communicate appropriately about an event. Remote sharing feature enables users to request assistance using Softros LAN messenger and the user on the other end will connect to your desktop to give you the assistance you requested.

Admins can selectively restrict access to some features of Softros LAN IM so that they cannot be accessed without proper authorization. Terminal service support feature enables full support of Microsoft and Citrix terminal service environments including the remote app and XenApp application virtualization technology.

Final words

There is a need to keep your company information safe from hackers, external attacks, and cybercriminals by using local messaging application for your office. Avoid wasting personal time on public chats like Skype. Download Softros LAN messenger for Windows from and try absolutely free.