First verdicts and football market: how bet site 1xBet predictions on Serie A have changed

There have been two dramatic moments in Serie A in 2021: the first in June, just after the end of the 20/21 season, saw a swirl of changes on the bench in between grand re-entries and sudden farewells. The second happened in August that saw Lukaku and Ronaldo, two of the Italian league’s top-tier players, decide to both return to England, affecting the odds on the bet site

These were sensational and unexpected disposals which, added to those of:

  • Hakimi;
  • Donnarumma;
  • Romero;
  • and De Paul!

have certainly not helped to increase the level and appeal of Serie A. For 18 times out of 20 the championship, which fans could follow on 1xBet bet site, has been won by Bianconeri and Nerazzurri and only Milan has managed to interrupt this hegemony (twice).

Bet live 1xBet on the recently changed important clubs in Italy

Due to the economic difficulties linked to Covid, the downsizing of Inter and Juventus is in fact a reality: a reality that has affected all the most important European clubs (the most striking example is certainly represented by Barcelona and Real Madrid), with the exception of the very rich English clubs and PSG, which in fact have monopolized the 2021 football market, that is why the club’s matches are profitable to bet live

This general climate of footballing austerity may have partially rebalanced the most important European leagues including Serie A. In addition to the sale of the two stars Lukaku and Ronaldo by the two most important clubs in Italy, which promptly influence the punters’ decisions when making 1xBet live bet, the monstrous investments in the incoming market for have been lacking. It is therefore clear that, at least on paper, there has been a levelling of values between the various clubs.

The updated odds for online betting football on 1xBet platform

The impression is also confirmed by the online betting football on 1xBet platform updated odds regarding the final results of the 2021/22 Serie A. In the update, in addition to market movements, certainly affect the first days of the championship that have shown a Juventus in particular difficulty: the difficulties on the field, added to the farewell of CR7, have led the experts to raise the odds of Juventus winning the championship, which at this time is quoted 3 times the stake, just like Inter.

Even Inzaghi’s Inter, despite their two wins in the first two games and the arrival of Dzeko and Correa, have seen their odds go up: Lukaku’s departure alone has led to a 0.25 rise in the odds from 2.75 to 3.00 on 1xBet platform online betting football, just like Juventus (although they are already 5 points behind). In third place, Gasperini’s Atalanta have seen their odds remain unchanged.

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