The face of Education in the current technological world

Technology and Education in the 21st Century is a hotly contested topic in the recent times and everyone is trying to find out how to effectively Use of Technology In Education in the 21st Century.
Technology is by far the most popular topic concerning 21st century education and many videos and articles have been written about Technology and Education in the 21st Century. Although some of the articles and videos seem to have other ideas, technology has emerged as the central focus and the aspect of pushing learning to online platforms has been brought up quite often.
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Use of Technology In Education in the 21st Century
As I mentioned before, technology is a tool that allows students to do a lot of research into facts using the internet and at the same time these students are learning very valuable research skills which then transpire into higher levels of education at the university and beyond. If the Use of Technology In Education in the 21st Century is carefully put into right practice, the fruits are enormous. Here is how technology should be used;
  1. Technology can be used to enhance critical thinking and critical literacy skills.
  2. Evaluating the legitimacy and accuracy of the online content is an essential part of the 21st century education.
  3. Young people should understand the morals and the ethics of using this online content. They should avoid, cyber bullying. I believe the main reason for this is the anonymity of the internet. So therefore the schools should teach about responsibility and accountability in the use of technology in the classrooms and beyond.
  4. Technology should also be used for collaborations among students and teachers. Technology and social media allows people to share ideas and while it’s arguable that digital media can be kind of meaningless and destructive at a push of a button, I still think that it gives students a voice when they wouldn’t otherwise been heard.
  5. Students also need to be taught how to deal with criticism, how to give criticism and how to deal with other hoist of issues concerning self-esteem with other online content.
  6. Use technology in designing creativity. Students are able to create so many kinds of content, written, audio, visual, 2D and 3D. They can create music, videos, photos, magazines and contact experiments. Then after creating this content, they can use the technology to present their ideas whether online or in person.
  7. With technology, students should be able to create sophisticated work such as car design, architecture, computer databases, softwares, games, 3D animation among others. The problem is that a lot of softwares used to create this things are too expensive and too sophisticated for schools to use and for students to even understand. The other extreme is where the software is so primitive or has absolutely no connection to the software used in real world. Such as windows movie maker compared with adobe premier.
  8. A software needs to be available where students can create their own software. Some database programs can function like independent softwares on their own. For example the Microsoft access or lotus notes have database making facilities that enable average people to create their own databases, whereas ordinarily it would be too difficult for them to do without any training.
 In conclusion,
Technology is not just about interactive white boards or computers. Learning should be fun and easy and this is possible in this day and age where the world has been made a global village due to internet connectivity. Connect with the rest of the world and learning can be as a good as a hobby. If all goes sour, use some help from EduBirdie in writing your essays, use it to improve your grades or business and watch as you scale the heights.
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