How to install CCTV on Mobile phones and iPhones

It is the use of closed
circuit television (CCTV) camera means for transmitting a signal to a specific
location and display on a limited number of monitors. The sent signal is not
disclosed and remains private. CCTV are mainly used to monitor the banks,
shopping malls, airports, military facilities, casinos, private homes and other
shops for security reasons. In addition to monitoring, it can be used to
observe the plant’s central control room as this environment is
not safe for humans’
CCTV can be run continuously
or you can monitor only a specific event. Recent advances in technology have
led to the use of digital video recorder (DVR) which can provide long records.
You can also receive e-mail reminders of what is going on in your area of
surveillance in DVR system is running.
In the most recent times, IP video cameras have been applied for
monitoring IP innovation. Decentralised IP cameras have mega pixel sensors with the
ability to record directly to a storage device connected sensors. In this sense therefore, it can easily
obtain the sequence as the retrieval process is made simpler.

The most exciting invention
is to support the use of mobile video surveillance networks. This is a new
technology that mainly uses iPhone or Android phone to access recorded video footage. If
your DVR system configuration is correct, then this new technology will work correctly. CCTV
mobile has no additional costs, All you need is an Internet-enabled mobile phone and a connection to
the Internet and you are good to go. You can see all the video footage from time to time, wherever you are provided your DVR has an Internet
connection. This also allows you to view up to 64 cameras on a 3G enabled phone, ipad, iPhone, among other portable smart devices.
CCTV on mobile phones brings the flexibility you will need to carry around the and monitor the surveillance cameras of whatever place you are concerned with. This is a really smart way to be your own security guard on the go. So come on, and embrace this innovative technology.

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