Can We Access Yahoo Mail in Outlook using POP3 or IMAP?

After Gmail, Yahoo is also providing the amazing feature for free where the user can easily manage its emails in any email client such as Outlook, thunderbird, etc. With the help of POP or IMAP, the user can easily configure Yahoo account in the outlook or any other Email program.Access Yahoo Mail in OutlookPOP only allows one-way sync; it means that if you delete your email from your outlook when you are using it with POP. The email will remain on your server and can be the view from another device. Whether in IMAP, if you delete an email in Outlook client app, it will also remove an email from the email server. It allows two-way sync. We suggest you use IMAP instead of POP. You can use any email client such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird to send and receive messages with Yahoo mail. IMAP helps you to access email in both browser and email program. Emails clients are more powerful than Yahoo mail on the web.

Post Office Protocol (POP)

POP which is stands for Post office Protocol generally works by holding the server and only receives mail when emails clients will sign in. When you log in to your Email client, it transfers all of the emails which are stored on your desktop. When you want to send email, your client will connect to the different server in the program on the server that sends mail using SMTP. POP helps us to send emails to your computer more quickly.

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Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

The email clients that used IMAP saves email in only one place on the server. Email clients, whether they are Smartphone’s or desktop clients, it displays a copy of all the emails what the server has stored. It is very useful for businessmen who usually check their emails on different devices. IMAP ensures that every system has access to the same email.

It is very simple to set up Yahoo mail in the email client. Herein, we are providing you the simple steps to configure Microsoft Outlook for Yahoo Mail. You just need to follow the instructions carefully.

    • First, you need to open Outlook and go to File tab.
    • Click Add Account located just above the Account Settings button.
    • Choose Manual setup or additional server types.
    • Then in Choose service, you have to select POP or IMAP.
    • Add your user credentials and information of the server.
    • Now you need to configure the settings manually.
    • If You select POP

Pop3 incoming server configuration:

  • You need to configure Server hostname:
  • Port should be: 995
  • Authentication: normal password
  • If you select IMAP

Incoming Mail (IMAP) server configuration

  • Account type: IMAP
  • You need to check the configuration of the server for incoming mail is Server –
  • The port should be – 993
  • SSL is required – Yes
  • Then enter your login information.
  • You need to go to More settings and choose the Outgoing server tab.
  • Check box located next to My outgoing server (SMTP) needs authorization and mark the radio button next to use similar settings as my incoming mail server or you can also configure it manually.
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Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server configuration

    • You need to check the configuration of the server for the outgoing mail is –
    • The port should be – 465 or 587
    • SSL is Required – Yes
    • Authentication Required – Yes

You need to go to the Advanced tab in the same window to check and verify.

  • Press OK when finished.
  • Press Next.
  • If you’ve entered all information correctly, both tasks will be executed successfully and you can quit the window and press Next.
  • Then you’ll receive you’re all messages.
  • Press Finish.
  • And now you can check your emails through Outlook.

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These are the steps mentioned above which will definitely help you to easily configure Yahoo mail account in Outlook with the help of POP and IMAP.