7 Tips and tricks to help you win in Escape from Tarkov

The first-person shooter game Escape from Tarkov has gained popularity in the gaming world. Do you know why? The game has unique graphics and promises to give you an incredible gaming experience. It features a story-driven hardcore walkthrough. You would have injuries to struggle with and will require a gun for wear and tear.

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Experts describe Escape from Tarkov as a survival and hardcore shooter game. The article brings tips to help you win in Escape from Tarkov. Here they are!

1. Be on one map

Maps are critical in Escape from Tarkov. The game has multiple locations, and you should choose one specific location. Try to stick to that place throughout the game. But before selecting a particular spot on the map, explore all the possibilities. It will make you well-versed with the map and help you catch your rivals off-guard.

2. Complete Quests

Escape from Tarkov has introduced a unique way to grant bonuses. It has introduced quests. Quests are the tasks that will give you rewards for completing them. It is a mandate to complete quests to upgrade quicker. Accomplishing a maximum of quests will also improve your skills for the game.

Quest objectives vary that mainly involve picking up some items for several traders or killing other operators. You can also unlock new trader loyalty levels to help you purchase more items. You can gain access to things that require a complete quest for unlocking them.

3. Utilize gear insurance

Having insurance on your gear will give you a chance to get it back until other players have not looted it from your body. You can either choose Prapor or Therapist. Prapor is cheaper but will take around 24-36 hours to bring your items back, while Therapist will get them back in 12-24 hours.

But you will lose your insured items if someone loots you after you die. One way to save the items is to hide them tactfully on the map in hidden areas that are unlikely to be found.

4. Know your ammo types

Ammo forms a critical part in Escape from Tarkov. Different weapons use varied ammo types. Check which ammo suits will suit your weapon the best and use it to get the best results. It will help you get the best arsenal to fight off the most daunting rivals.

5. Use secure containers wisely

The secure container is the best place to keep your precious weapons safely. It is the only personal container in Escape from Tarkov from where you can get your gear and weapons if after you die. The container size will differ based on the game level on which you are playing. You can update EFT containers with the progress of the game.

The standard Alpha variant can convert doomed raids into profitable raids if you act smartly in keeping the items safely. Try to prioritize high-value and barter items like dog tags, PC components, and shortcut keys. You can sell these items for over 10,000 roubles.

6. Play as a Scav

Yes! Most players choose to play as PMC, but you can experiment with playing with Scav. You will lose your valuable items if you happen to die while playing PMC. Yes, you can use gear insurance, but there is no guarantee to get all the things back. However, if you manage to kill at least one PMC while playing as a Scav, you can loot their gear. You will have the chance to stock up goods.

Scav starts as a weak player with lesser supply but you can change the situation quickly by looting the gear.

7. Focus on sound

Ensure that sound levels on your PC while playing Escape from Tarkov are high. You will need to hear small but essential things like footsteps and sounds made by other characters and players. The game delivers the audio in stereo, making sound an integral part of the game. You can use headsets to listen and focus on the sounds.


Escape from Tarkov is a fascinating game that attracts gaming enthusiasts. It offers a real-time gaming experience with several maps, weapons, and quests. But it is a bit terrifying too. Follow the above tips and tricks to rock the game.

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