5 Technologies That Could Change Digital Marketing Forever

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Technology today, is evolving at a tremendous pace and anyone who fails to keep up with it will fall behind in the race.

That option is especially detrimental for marketers who have to be one step ahead of everyone in identifying any potential usurper that could affect the industry. Like everything else, technology has become as essential part of digital marketing. Every brand and every store is making use of tech to advertise themselves to public.

Here are 5 technologies that could change digital marketing forever:

  • Home Assistant

Voice assistants likes Siri, Alexa and Google Home have made their way into many homes. People are now reliant on them for their search engine needs. So, it is essential to understand that how much the search engine optimization (SEO) has been affected by the advent of this technology.

Today, people are ordering pizza or getting information about the entire spring fashion catalogue through these devices. An important thing to remember is that they are still in their nascent stages and in coming years, they are sure to capture a huge segment of online world.

  • Machine Learning

For the last two decades, machine learning was being quietly developed in some dark corner. But the recent emergence of its importance has finally brought it into public limelight. Along with data science, they are touted as the modern pillar of modern technology.

Just like SEO, ML is casting a huge impact on the whole digital marketing process. It is more focused towards optimizing problem-solving process. Brands have begun to use ML to be more efficient and productive in understanding the insights of their markets. ML makes use of behaviour data and observes relevant pattern which are obviously very useful to understand the minds of customers.

  • Video Wall

The time for putting up huge billboards and flyers outside of stores or near highways is fading away quickly. Today, advertising industry has not remained untouched by animation. Seeing smartly created ads might attract hundreds of potential customers and it is not a small feat at all.

An advertisement played on the largest possible screen is definitely capable of capturing people’s attention for at least a moment and that moment is sufficient to imprint their brand’s image in people’s mind. Video wall have become one of the most popular and essential method of outdoor advertisement.

  • Augmented Reality

Over the recent years, this technology has been dominating the gaming industry. Virtual reality or VR is a way to create an imaginative world around a person which has all the feels of a real world. A decade ago, if someone would have mentioned something like this than he would have been labeled crazy. But today’s technology has allowed its creation.

Imagine someone walking into a clothing store and trying out a costume without actually wearing it. This has been made possible by something called smart mirror which uses augmented reality to create the image. This stuff is no longer a dream but definitely something that would affect retail shopping.

  • Check-out free store

People spend hours in queues while checking out their groceries or other shopping items. With the start of Amazon’s check-out free store, a new trend is rearing its head where this whole scenario of waiting would not exist at all. People would come to the store, take the items they want from the shelves and walk out.

They won’t have to stand in a line to pay rather payment would be an automated process with the help of sensors inside. That is surely something that everyone would love to see.

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