4 Factors that Impact the Inverter Price

In the world we live in today, inverters have become all but irreplaceable. As the world runs on electricity, power cuts and outages can hinder out day to day activities. Therefore, most homes today must, out of necessity, invest in a robust power backup system.

Whether you are buying an inverter for the first time or replacing an existing backup system, an important factor you will inevitably have to consider is the inverter price. But what exactly determines inverter prices?

Keep reading to learn more about the factors that influence inverter prices.


1. Inverter Load: How Much Power Do You Need?

One of the main factors affecting inverter prices is the amount of electricity you need when the power goes out. If you just need to power a few lights and fans, the cost will, naturally, be lower. But if you want to power heavy-duty electronics such as TVs, fridges and air conditioners, inverter prices will be higher.

To work out the exact load you will need to power, you can use an online load calculator, or do the calculations yourself.

2. The Volt Ampere or VA Rating

The VA rating or Volt Ampere rating of an inverter indicates how much electricity can be supplied to a user’s appliances when power fails. Inverter prices can vary immensely based on the capacity of the inverter and its VA rating. If the VA rating is high, then the cost of the inverter will be high; and if the rating is low, then the cost will be low.

Companies such as Luminous, which are known for their dependability and high-quality products, provide a wide range of inverters as well as VA ratings that fit into different budgets and meet the varied requirements of all kinds of customers.

3. The Battery Paired with Your Inverter

All inverter backup systems rely on their battery, where electricity is kept in reserve, to supply power to their users. The amount of power stored in a battery is measured in Ampere Hours, or Ah, and it will have a huge influence on inverter prices.

The higher the capacity, the more expensive the inverter will be, and vice versa. Inverter batteries come in various forms, from flat and tubular, and even the newer lithium-ion batteries. The type of battery you choose, and its capacity will have a direct impact on inverter prices.

4. The Brand of Inverter You Choose

Brand name and recognition are also factors that influence inverter prices. While the best brands demand a specific level of investment from you in terms of the inverter prices they charge, the investment is well worth the cost. Not only is long-term care in the form of warranties, maintenance, and consultancy included in the inverter price, but you also get excellent engineering and high-quality inverters from well-known and reliable manufacturers like Luminous.

Inverter Prices: How Important are They When Buying an Inverter?

It can be easy to perform a quick Google search and simply purchase a new backup system at the lowest inverter price you find. However, the quality and dependability of inverters are just as vital a factor as how well it fits into your budget. An inverter is, ultimately, a long-term investment. Thus, it is important to take into account more than just the inverter price while choosing your home inverter system.

The Final Word

Many factors impact inverter prices across brands. To make sure you are getting the most out of your investment and are set for the long term with your inverter, it is vital that you choose a high-quality inverter manufacturer like Luminous.


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