WhatsApp Modified Apk Latest Version for Android

In this world of technology, there are many apps which are coming with new updates or known as modified app. Whatsapp modified introduces a new version in which you can change and even customize your whatsapp in different way. GB Whatsapp have come with the new features and most loved is about privacy. This app is different from the original one as it has additional visual themes and colors, addition of new emoticons add emotions to our chats and allow you to edit your files before sending and send the video of your desire length.

Whatsapp messenger is the most famous chatting app used all over the world. It provides many useful features that you want such as emojis or stickers, privacy and security, status writing, audio and video calling etc. It is a fun raising app that everyone loves and enjoys.

It Is the latest and modified version of original whatsapp, you can download gbwhatsapp for android. It comes with the latest features which the original one lacks. If you want the more amazing features than gb whatsapp is the better choice.

Features of GB Whatsapp

A lot of new features which gives you freedom to choose in every setting of this app. Here are its latest and most important features compiled. There are many of features of GBWhatsApp that we can’t find in official WhatsApp.

  • Customize Privacy Settings: It provide a lot of privacy settings. It allow you to hide different types of information such as blue tick that show you have read the message, second tick that show message is delivered, status that show your are typing. It also allow you to hide and lock your chat.
  • Custom Themes: It provides a wide variety of the custom themes. You can change the color of icon and notification icon.
  • Inbuilt Online Function: You have the option to make your self stay online for 24 hours.
  • Copy Status: Copy other’s people status on your own clipboard.
  • Many Alerts: Get alerts when your friends update their profile photos and when they become online.
  • More Space: It has the ability to send broadcast messages upto more than 600 people at once and send more than 90 images at once in just one click.
  • Increased Limit: It also increases the video limits upto more than 50 MB.
  • Character Size Increased: Group names now also have larger number of characters and status character limit is also increased with it.
  • Multiple Languages: It supports more than 90 languages.
  • Dual WhatsApp: With it you can use dual whatsapp accounts at the same time.

So, you can give it try and Give your feedback as well. Actually it gives a lot of freedom than the original whatsapp. GB Whats-app for Android brings the best of WhatsApp alternative and some additional amazing features that are very very good. If You Are you a regular WhatsApp user, then its for you.

Don’t miss out!

It’s time to customize your old Whatsapp look and get the all new GB WhatsApp.

Conclusion: This app is really amazing and has many advanced and customized features. All will have a better experience after using this and will definitely prefer it over the original one.

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