Smart Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook

Over the years, Facebook has quickly wiggled its way into our lives, and it’s hard to imagine life without it. And the same can be said for businesses, most of them try to have a website but nearly all of them are on Facebook. This makes sense too, seeing as Facebook is an inexpensive marketing tool that can significantly boost your brand if it’s put to use the right way. While setting up a Facebook profile is easy and free, getting your audience to pay attention to your brand is another thing. Many rely on the number of Facebook shares, comments or likes that they get to gauge the success of their social media marketing techniques. Some businesses are able to be successful from the get go using Facebook as a marketing strategy while others don’t get the engagement that they desire. If you fall in the latter group, don’t worry, we have some tips for you that will get you the most shares, likes and comments on your business’s Facebook page.

Post on the Regular

It is important to keep your audience engaged with relevant posts which means posting at least one a day, it could be a video, an image or a short post to keep your readers entrained or informed. The more you engage with your audience, the more they take your brand seriously and they will be leaving comments and likes in no time. According to a recent research, Facebook experiences the highest traffic in mid week between 1 and 3 pm. You can make use of this to time to distract your audience from their productivity slump at work.

Reply with Photos

This is a smart technique that probably you are not aware of. If you are looking to get more love on Facebook, comment using photos and a recent study by Kissmetrics confirms this. According to the study, photos in comments get 104% more comments, 53% more likes, and 83% more clicks on the links to the business site than typical text based comments. Photos have a way of immediately grabbing the readers’ attention, so try using more of them in the comment section.

Include a Call to Action

Asking your readers to like share and comment on your post can feel a bit desperate, but it works. As long as your post provides relevant and useful information and your readers find it to be of value, then there is no shame in asking your audience to help your message reach more people.

Thank Your Readers

Gratitude can go along way. Take a break away from your posting and commenting and be thankful to your readers. Thank those who comment and add valuable input and those who take time to share your content. It is important to acknowledge your readers and appreciate their receptivity or feedback, be it positive or negative. Readers who will feel appreciated will keep coming back, click, share, and comment some more.