How to stop jerking and automatic touches on screens of your android phones and tablet

Recently my android phone almost gave me a headache. The screen of my android phone kept jerking and there were automatic touches even without me doing anything. When this happens, these automatic touches will keep automatically opening and closing applications without my consent. I tried placing the phone on the table but still this scenario continued. I was so sad because I could do nothing on the phone. This behavior was quite frequent on hot days and less frequent in cold days. I did a little consultation and discovered that most of my peers too had this problem of automatic screen touches and automatic opening of apps. A majority of them said it happens more often when their hands are
somehow sweaty due to jelly or oil applied to their hands.

I tried;
  1. restarting my garget
  2. disabling automatic screen rotation
  3. disabled a few options in the developer options excluding ‘Force Hardware Rendering
  4. factory resetting the phone
  5. even wiped all data in Reboot mode

When I attempted the above, in some occasions the automatic touches stops a little but it then came back after a few days.

I did my research further and found out the solution to this maddness in android phones and tablets. I found out that this problem may be due to two causes and hence therefore I will share with you both the two solutions to help you stop jerking and automatic touches on screens of your android phones and tablet.

  1. In my case, I discovered that the automatic touches on the screen of my android phone was mainly caused by some static electricity or oil on my screen which was making it to ‘think’ and  act like I am touching it. This is what caused the automatic touches and automatic opening and classing of apps on my phone. To solve this problem, try giving the phone a good wipe with a slightly wet clothe to get rid of the oil, wash your hands well enough and dry them and try maintaining them clean, dry and free from oil. Also if you have been using electronics such as computers and laptops or even tablets, you should earth yourself by touching a metal in contact with the ground or metal water pipes with one hand. This will get rid of the static electric charges in your body. Remember to do this regularly depending on how long and regularly you are exposed to the charges from the electronics you use.
  2. In another case however, the jerking and automatic touches on screens of your android phones and tablet may be due to manufacturing defect in the tourch screen of your android phone or tablet. Faulty touch screens are common with android phones and tablets. To detect this, you can enable ‘Show touches‘ or ‘Visible touches’ in the developer options in the settinngs menu. This will enable you to see where the touches appear and this will prove your screen is defective. Alternatively you can install the paint program from google play store and run it on your android phone or tablet. Let the progam run and all the automatic and false touches will be painted on the screen. With this you can see where the touches are happening and maybe you mcan notice a pattern such as all being in one strip of the screen or all appearing at one point of the screen. This will confirm to you that there are faults in your touch screen. In this case, make use of your warranty, return your tablet or android phone to your dealer for replacement.

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