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Have you ever thought about creating a website of your own? If your answer is “YES”, then here comes an opportunity for you. Websites are what makes the internet be what it is today. A website is where you can reach a lot of people around the world and let them know what you are doing and what you are good at. And if creating a website is one among your chief objective, then, this might be the good news you have ever had for quite a long time.

For you to start a website you need to consider several things and one among them is web design. Web design entails many skills on how your website is going to look like in terms of interface, graphic design, authoring and other aspects of web designing. Usually, it is very tedious work that requires great skills. Because of this, many people shy away from starting their own websites because they lack web design skills. But that is long gone now.  There are many website builders in the world. But it takes an effort to find a good web builder that will do the work for you to your satisfaction. It is for this reason that we introduce you to 8b Easy Website Builder.

8b Free Website Builder.

There are quite a number of web builders, but it takes just a few to keep you up on your feet and one of them is 8b Website Builder. 8b Website Builder is the simplest website builder ever. Besides simplicity, 8b Free Website builder gives you the best out of web design and web building than you have ever thought of. They are the reason why your website will be magnificent and easy to navigate by your guests the moment you host it. 8b Website builder is a simple and free online website builder which gives you the freedom to create your own website that is mobile optimized, fast and easy to create and user friends just in a couple of minutes. Are you worried about programming skills? 8b Web Builders have taken that responsibility to do everything for you. 8b Website Builders is for everyone single individual who wants to start a website regardless of their skills in programming. All you have to do is click the “SELECT HERE” button. Every other thing will be taken care of.

How it works.

Choose a Template: Now, just as said, 8b Website Builder is the simplest online Website Builder you can ever get. One of the things that make it outstanding is that it is simple and free and you don’t require any web design skills at all. All you have to do is get to the website, then click on “Select here” button and choosing the type of website template you want to build. Their trendy templates give you control over what you want your website to look in the eyes of the end user who is the guest to your website.

Edit the design: After selecting a template, customize your website to the design that best suits you from our most Trendy templates. There are quite a number of trendy templates that will help you customize your website to that perfect elegant look that will make it even more beautiful and attractive. Add and remove content you don’t like with much ease. You don’t like a particular color? 8b Web Builder understands that and you can change the font color, font sizes, font types, add and remove images and videos Change your background optimize features and just much more.

Publish Your Website: Having done all the customization, all you have to do is publish your website. This is easy and you can download all your files in zip form where you can apply them anyway any time on your domain whenever you need them. To publish, just click on the options button on the top right side and click on ‘Publish’ (see more in the video).

Advantages of 8b Free Website Builder

  • Just as the name suggests, 8b Free Website Builder is free for everyone.
  • You don’t have to have any skill whatsoever in coding, web design or web engineering. Everything has been set up for you.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • You have many templates to choose from and all of them are customizable.
  • You don’t have to have a computer to build a website. If you have a mobile phone, you can create your own website for free with 8b Web Builder anywhere you are.
  • A lot of things you have been catered for including the domain name, hosting and security certificates.


In conclusion, I would say that for anyone who is willing to create a website without just much of a hustle, then 8b Free Website Builder is the way to go. Its simplicity makes it easier for everyone to create a website just for free. 8b Website Builder’s objective is to help many people who have been grounded from creating websites because of cost and no technical know-how on web design. It is for everyone. Visit the website links I have provided to find out more about 8b Free Website Builder site. Please watch the embedded video to practically learn more on how 8b Website Builder works.

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