Mediatek Universal Tools Download

We present you the Mediatek Universal Tools Download. MTK Univeral tools are used in phone unlocking and many other functionalities. Where other unlocking software comes short, the MediaTek Universal tools come in Handy. Here is how to use the MediaTek Universal tool download.

Why Get Mediatek Universal Tools

Usually, unlocking smartphones, more so the latest smartphones with the latest Android operating system can be a challenge. Usually, with the use of universal unlocking tools like Miracle Box, Chinese Miracle 2, Aladdin, or NCK tool you will need a Downloading Agent in order to be able to reset FRP or to unlock passwords on phones with a secure boot loader. Ok, you may argue that if that’s the point then we can always get the DA files. But the challenge is that not every phone has got its DA file available. And that is where the Mediatek Universal tool comes in. With Mediatek Universal Tool, you can format and remove FRP without DA files.Mediatek Universal Tools Download

How to Download Mediatek Universal Tools

Most of you have been asking how to download MediaTek Universal Tools for Free, Well the MTK Universal Tools are quite a handful to get and for this, we offer the download at a premium. Only one-time fee of $7. Click on the link below to Purchase.

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How to Use MTK Tools – Video

You can purchase the MediaTek tools Here:

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MTK Universal tool download

Is MTK Universal Tools Free?

This is a premium software and hence offering a free download link for MTK Universal Tools is tricky. You can use the purchase button above or below to purchase the tools. Once downloaded, extract the downloaded MediaTek Univeral Tools Zip File and you will see the above interface. Run the application (second last in the above screenshot) as an administrator. That’s it. Enjoy Unlocking MTK phones 🙂

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