Download DTB FirmWare to Unscramble Decoders

Many of you are asking how do I download dtb firmware for decoder? Well, here is the download itself. In case you are wondering what the hell dtb firmware is, it is a software to enable unlimited free access of digital tv channels on your decoder. In other words, unscramble your decoder and or digital tv and watch premium channels for free. Check out this article on How to Use DTB firmware, then come back to this page to download the firmware.

Update: Sports Android APP for Android TV

This is a Premium software, hence it is not available for free download. It only costs a one time fee of between $6 to $15 depending on the version you want, and you will have the download link for unlimited use on as many decoders as you want if you choose Version 3.0. Unlock the full potential of your Decoder or Digital TV with this awesome Firmware.

How to Get DTB Firmware

Use the Buy Now buttons in the pricing table below to checkout with Credit Card or Pay with Bitcoins. Mobile Payment options are available as well but for a few countries, See details below the table.

Version 1
One Time
The most basic version
Unlock 20 channels
Use on One Device
Sports Channels
Work on TV
Buy Now
Version 3
One time
Most Updated Version
Unlock 50 channels
Unlimited Devices
Sports Channels
Work on TV
Buy Now



A video demonstration is available below



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