Top 5 Best Long Lasting Battery Smartphones 2017

2017 is here with us now and smartphones users, especially the battery conservatives will be looking for the best long lasting battery smartphones in the market. Well, let me point you in the right direction. Samsung, Apple and many other manufacturers gave us their best. If you are looking for

Top 7 Tips to Optimize Windows 10 for Better Performance

Windows 10, the latest iteration of the popular PC operating system, has come with lots of features that make it one of the best platforms around. While it comes packed with lots of features, you will need to carry out a few steps to make sure you are deriving the

Ease Your Everyday Life With These Apps

As our lives are becoming increasingly busy and hectic, every little help in overcoming everyday stress and avoiding burnout is more than welcome. Luckily, no other field is recording as fast a development as information technology, which means we can now get assistance for various tasks and our lives can

Can Technology Help During Natural Disaster?

The Problem Effective communication is the key in the global world. However, it becomes paramount and mandatory during disaster situations. The big question is can the technology still help during a natural disaster? It is a fact that phones lines go down and the cellular network gets overloaded resulting in call

How to Reduce Data Usage in Android Phones and Tablets

Users have started spending a lot on data charges in recent years as the options for entertainment have been increased online. After smartphone revolution dedicated apps have provided an immense option to users to spend some quality time on their smartphones. Though these apps are the biggest source of entertainment

How To Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life for free.

Dependency on computer and laptops has increased due to the advancement in internet technologies. Laptop and computer have become better and faster due to their chip enhancement and fast processor, but eventually, it has led to draining the battery life. Foremost component of the electronic set is the battery. Longer the

How to Keep Your Android Device Clean with Systweak Android Cleaner

Android devices suffer certain speed and performance related issues due to prolonged use. These devices get cluttered and unorganized over time which requires cleaning to make device smooth again. The most prominent tool to clean your Android device is to use Android cleaner apps. One such tool is Systweak Android

How to Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone

You can now Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone in this day and age of rapid technological advancement. This could have seemed like a dream but yes, you can charge a phone off another phone. A Majority of us are familiar with the use of power banks to satisfy emergency power needs

How to Fix Laptop Overheating and Shutting itself down

Ever had an encounter with a Laptop Overheating and Shutting itself down? I personally have had this experience more than once and I can admit it is pretty annoying. In this article, we will together unmask the mystery behind overheating laptops, what causes the laptop to overheat and how the overheating