Top Best rated Photo Editing Apps for Android

A search of the best photo editing apps on Android reveals several hundreds of apps for this purpose. Choosing the best might be an uphill task for many users. If you want that app that will make your photo stand out, then you are in for luck. We rounded up

How data sheet can be helpful in upgrading your network

A data sheet is a detailed overview of the fiber optic products that are faring well in delivering connectivity. User can make use of this data sheet to find out the products that fit their requirements perfectly. If there is the need of any additional support or module for the

The Best Parental Controller Apps for Android

Those with kids using Android phones always run into issues when trying to establish control for the little ones. Given that Android does not come with bundled-in parental controls, the solution is going for parental controller apps for Android. Here are the best for you. MMGuardian With this app, you can control the

Five Key Things to Know When Buying a Power Bank

One of the most used and fastest growing charging electronics on the market are power banks. The reason for that is because power banks are portable chargers, which means that we can take them anywhere that we want to. With that said, since there are so many companies that now

How to Root Huawei GR5 without Computer

The Huawei GR5 is in the hands of many users at the moment. It is a beautiful phone with great specifications to go with. In terms of performance, the GR5 is no sloth as shown from various speed tests. However, the phone can even be made to perform even better

Why Do We Disable Automatic Updates On Our Computers?

Microsoft wants its users to have Automatic Updates enabled in their computers. They want it so much that they made it a lot more difficult to disable automatic updates on their latest operating system. It used to be that Windows 7 allowed automatic updates to be disabled completely, but the