How to write a research paper

Writing a research paper is an important part of any curriculum and one of the main tasks of a student’s studies. A research paper can take the form of a project paper. The main purpose of a research paper is to learn how to work with specialized literature, analyze academic material, think critically about it, and isolate the main points. In the senior year, the research paper may be the beginning or part of the thesis. You will learn about the rules and structure of a research paper in our article.

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Basic steps in writing a research paper

Selecting a topic

A research paper is a scientific study on a specific topic. Therefore, the most important thing when writing a research paper is to choose a topic that is interesting to you, the work that would bring pleasure. In high school, it is best to choose a topic that will be related to the thesis project. This way you will reduce the time for subsequent research, and you will have a knowledge base that facilitates the writing of the graduation paper. The topic should not be too narrow, as it will be difficult to pick up material on it. Too broad topics are also not a good choice because of their basicity and the huge amount of available and already analyzed material. The professor wants to see independent analysis, not a set of concepts that have been known for a long time.

Often in each discipline, there is a list of agreed-upon topics from which you need to choose the one that is relevant to you. So don’t delay in choosing, interesting topics can be dealt with at the beginning by more active students. As soon as possible, study the list of topics and choose the one that suits you. We would like to point out that the list of topics is not something fundamental and does not need to be changed. If you feel like you can change the topic a bit or come up with your own, feel free to talk to your thesis advisor about it. Usually, professors are positive about this initiative, help you formulate a topic, and select a list of references.

Selecting Sources of Information

Immediately after selecting the topic of the research paper, it is necessary to select the literature. Sources can be taken from the list of literature recommended in preparation for the seminars, from scientific articles, and methodological and educational manuals. For help, you can ask the supervisor or the supervisor of the internship. There are certain requirements for the sources of literature. The choice of irrelevant or unreliable sources can lead to low quality and evaluation of the work. Educational and scientific materials should correspond to the topic of the work and be fairly recent, the year of their publication should not be older than four or five years.

Writing a Research Paper Outline

A well and written plan for writing a research paper make it easier to work on it. By clearly defining steps and tasks, you are not distracted by irrelevant information. It is best to make a plan by chapters and paragraphs. Think of their approximate titles and formulate a few theses that you want to reflect in each part. In the finished research paper, the edited plan becomes a “content” item. The research paper outline allows you to determine an acceptable chapter length and work schedule. Needless to say, writing a research paper on the last or penultimate day of submission is not a good idea.

The most universal template for a research paper plan: an introduction with the relevance of the topic, clearly stated goals and objectives, the first chapter with an explanation of terms, a review of sources and analysis of concepts, the second chapter with a detailed breakdown of the subject or practical part and the conclusion with summarizing the results. Use this template as a basis and add the paragraphs you need. Also, don’t forget to coordinate the outline with your instructor. He will find weaknesses in the thesis and structure and help you choose a clearer direction for your work.

Research paper structure

Title page

The title page is the first page of the paper, which is designed according to the template of the educational institution.

Typically the title page indicates the school, discipline, title of the work, name of the student and supervisor, and year of writing.

Table of contents with pagination

As we have already mentioned, your agreed plan of work in the design becomes the content. The table of contents reflects the structure of the work, designed on a separate sheet. The table of contents specifies the chapters, as well as the page numbers on which the corresponding section begins. All chapters and sections should be linked to each other. The titles of sections and chapters do not exceed one sentence and reflect the information presented in them.


The first section of the work is the introduction with the relevance of the work, the subject and the object of the research work, the purpose and objectives, and the research methods. The introduction is written after the creation of the main part of the work, but the goals and objectives should be formulated in advance.

The main part

The research paper is divided into two or three sections. A standard paper consists of theoretical and practical sections. The theoretical section of research paper summarizes existing information on the topic. Here it is necessary to formulate your point of view on the problem under study. The analytical section of research paper identifies the factors that influence the subject of the research. The practical, or design, section describes the development and application of methods to solve the problem.

Research paper conclusion

The conclusion formulated based on the analysis in the main part. The possibility of the practical application of the results of the paper is indicated.


It is not necessary to explain that the research paper is written independently and handed in on time. It is important to take your research paper seriously, especially if you dream of a scientific career. Therefore, ready-made versions from the Internet, articles, and essays without references and justifications are not suitable for writing a research paper. All theoretical material must be stated in your own words, not only to get a high score for uniqueness. Moreover, the best college essay writing service will always help you cope with your research paper as soon as you need it.


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