How to create Interactive Webinars?

If you are planning on making a webinar, make sure to keep your attendees engaged. You can accomplish that by making the meeting interactive. 

Without a doubt, you are now asking yourself a question: what does that even mean? Well, the best way to prepare an interactive webinar is to have two things in mind: knowing your software and being charismatic.

Know your webinar software

First of all, as a webinar host you have to know your software. Every proper software has built-in features such as whiteboards, polls, and breakout rooms. Not only must you know that those features exist, but also you must know how to actively use them during the online seminar. Those features are what makes the webinar more attractive to participants – but only when you are flawless in using them. So, before the webinar starts, you should study your software, know its possibilities and learn how to use it properly. You do not want to be viewed as unprofessional.

Use presentation software

It goes without saying that when you want to host a webinar, it is essential to make a proper presentation. Take note that the presentation should not be packed with every little piece of information possible. It should be made in the spirit of minimalism, which means that only the most important things should be shown there. Try not to use a presentation as a script. It is the first sin of every webinar host to read their lines instead of simply speaking. Use presentation to show the things you are talking about. It has to be a complementary addition to your speech. Also, note that using a video content is a very good idea, but it always should be used with moderation.

Icebreaker question

Icebreaker is always a nice introduction to the webinar session. It is best to keep the icebreaker question about participants, so they can feel that you are interested in them and want to know them better. That way you can make them feel more comfortable and make an initial connection with the attendees. 

For example, you can ask general questions about participants’ dream job or career plans, so they have much space to come up with their answers. The question should be engaging, so it cannot be phrased to be answered by simply saying “yes” or “no”. 

To encourage others, you can firstly answer the question yourself and then ask others to reply – by determining the order in which they will response or by calling a chosen person by name. 

Take note that the icebreaking part should not be taking up more than five minutes of the webinar.

Not monologue, but dialogue

Keep in mind that you have to make a dialogue with your participants. Avoid monologuing! Ask questions, even rhetorical, to grasp the attention of the participants. Tell anecdotes, but not a lot of them and do not spend too much time on it. Also, make sure the anecdotes are appropriate. 

To keep the participants’ attention during a webinar, announce a short test which would take place by the end of a meeting. Gathering feedback at the end of an online seminar is also a good idea.

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