Best Ping Pong Table Game on iPhone

Admit it, you have at least two game apps on your iPhone. I know I’m guilty as charge because the biggest part of my phone memory goes to all sorts of games (racing cars, puzzles, brain games, strategies, Tetris, and my all-time favorite ping pong). The App Store is my favorite app for browsing new games (and other useful apps as well, but mostly games) and while most people spend time scrolling on their social networks, I actually play my games.

If you check my phone you’ll see about ten apps with my favorite games. I know I’m an addict but I love it. To be honest, it helps me relax my mind, quit overthinking or simply fall asleep.

As I mentioned I especially love my table tennis games. You’d say, it’s nothing special, a ball going left and right, but the thing is these games are a real visual brain trainer.

My article is about ping pong table game on iPhone so I want to share my experience and reviews on several of my favorite (and best) games. For now I will remain focused on iPhone games only (Android users be patient) because my main knowledge comes from using such games only (so far).

I present you my best ping pong table games for iPhone with the help of

  • Pingpong3D HD – This game was developed by Octane Technologies and gives you the pleasure of playing this game in 3D style. I’m still fascinated by the graphics and I recommend it because it’s a wonderful game and will work for your iPad as well.

It’s great because you can play it in multiplayer mode, so you get a double entertainment with your friend, siblings or partner.

  • Table Tennis Edge – In my opinion this is perhaps the best table tennis app ever. It’s so realistically made, the colors are fantastic and the graphic is incredible. It was created by Brett Clarke, William and Trevor Brown; this is a ttEDGE team based in Australia. As I said before, this is a visual brain training app. It’s incredible how time flies when you are focused on this game. The app has 3 modes – serving, multiball, and games.

The serving mode allows you to see and read the spin serves of William, Brett and Trevor. The multiball allows you to work directional cues by anticipating the position of the ball. The games mode is the flagship section that comes with a pathway of 12 steps all the way from beginner to the Table Tennis Edge Cup.

  • Table Tennis Touch – This game made it to my list because it has incredible graphics, amazing swipe control, and excellent speed. I love it because it has several modes and this is actually world’s number one ping pong game. The moment you open it, you can see that it was done with a lot of effort and dedication. It’s so real to the actual game that you’ll instantly love it. I love that there are two table tennis players; the tables are placed in sport halls and if you’re a hard core ping pong fan you’ll notice that the creators have designed an arena similar to Bounce (London table tennis arena); it’s a real pleasure to play in there (even virtually).
  • Ping Pong Game HD – If I tell you that you can share your results on Twitter and Facebook, would you consider playing Ping Pong Game HD? It can be played in new style which is another great thing; the ball must bounce as often as possible and the racket is controlled with either your finger or Accelerometer.


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