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Amazing New Security Products to Protect Your Home.

Your home is your safe place, but there are predators lurking around every corner who care less about your personal safety and more about your private information. In today's modern world, it's not enough to simply lock your phone or put a password on your router. Hackers can easily get

Using Technology to Stay Competitive in Business

In modern day, with almost all businesses going digital, it is very important for all businesses to go digital too and employ technology in there day to day operations. This applies to all forms of business; sole proprietorship, partnership and cooperatives. This implies therefore that businesses must use technology to

Use Of Technology To Curb Ebola Menace

We have all heard about Ebola either in the past or most probably in the recent times. It's no secret any more that Ebola is a continental threat to Africa in the most recent times. Here are a few symptoms of Ebola in as early as two days to three weeks of contracting the

How to install CCTV on Mobile phones and iPhones

It is the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) camera means for transmitting a signal to a specific location and display on a limited number of monitors. The sent signal is not disclosed and remains private. CCTV are mainly used to monitor the banks, shopping malls, airports, military facilities, casinos, private homes and other shops

Kenya’s Konza Technological City Vision 2030

Kenya is already one of the most developed and stable African nations, and is set to become one of the World’s new high growth economies. In the next 20 years, Kenya will become a middle-income country with a sizeable middle-income population and thriving industrial technology in retail centres. Kenya’s goal is to achieve an

Potential Malicious Attacks to a Modern Day Organisation.

Potential malicious Attacks to a Modern Day Organisation In today’s environment, data is a valuable resource that needs to be accessible, reliable and at the same time be able to be protected from threats. With everyone using a network infrastructure to run their business it is imperative that the network is