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New Modern Web Design Tips and the Latest trends in web design

The web is evolving every single day. At this speed of advancement, more Modern Web Design Tips and more innovations are coming in web design.The internet has made it possible for people around the world to connect with one another. The internet is essentially the 2nd market for companies that

Whatsapp Integration With Facebook And Privacy Concerns

Most famous messaging app of the era is Whatsapp undoubtedly. Though the company has a bunch of rivals fighting to take its position the company has managed to retain its top position. Founded by the ex-employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, the company was purchased by the social

Best Gadgets and security practices in today’s Internet Revolution

Internet revolution- birth of instant information This new invention of "Internet Revolution" is a birth of acknowledging information. It allows the users of internet to gain benefits of enhancing every aspect of life and to share experiences on huge networks with vast number of people around the world.99% of the global population

The face of Education in the current technological world

Technology and Education in the 21st Century is a hotly contested topic in the recent times and everyone is trying to find out how to effectively Use of Technology In Education in the 21st Century. Technology is by far the most popular topic concerning 21st century education and many videos and articles have been written about

Simple HomeMade Renewable Electricity system

In the modern day power is very important for any activity we are undertaking and thus the need for Simple HomeMade Renewable Electricity system. We need electricity to light up our home, power up many home appliances and a majority of industrial work depends on this power. Due to increased

Steps in Building a secure site

Building a secure site is easier said than done. Most businesses are digital nowadays and the target is the millions of users online. It then therefore boils up to one thing, 'build a website to reach them.' Building a website could be the simple part but securing it is the

Amazing New Security Products to Protect Your Home.

Your home is your safe place, but there are predators lurking around every corner who care less about your personal safety and more about your private information. In today's modern world, it's not enough to simply lock your phone or put a password on your router. Hackers can easily get