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Review of the Best Online Gaming Platform

It is yet another dawn and we will be doing a review of the best online gaming platform. Online gaming platforms have been around since mid-1990. Most of us are familiar with android games and the normal computer games. Personally, I am a fan of Football and hence FIFA is my favorite computer

The Impact of Technology in Football Today; Goal line technology

Technology is taking over every aspect of life and is making things easier across the board. Goal line technology is first in line. Like with everything else, technology is also making an impact on sports. A lot of international sports like tennis, badminton, field hockey, cricket, and American Football have

FIFA 17 is here, Amazing new features that will blow you away

The last two plots in the series of FIFA were not goal-scorers, but the FIFA 17 official game serves as a huge upgrade to the franchise. There are a lot more features than what EA Sports provided to its users in the previous versions of FIFA series, and fans are

Use Android phone as a gamepad to Play Computer games

Are you excited about finding out how to use Android phone as a gamepad to Play Computer games? Do not know about you but, I am. In my previous publication, I talked us through How to use android phone to control computer. If you missed it, you can catch up

GTA San Andrea Cheats, GTA 5 cheats

For the lovers of the GTA game series, you must be familiar with the cheats in previous GTA games such as GTA vice city and GTA 3. For those unaware of the cheats, they are symply a set of letters you type in while playing the game to enable special

Changes to expect in Fifa 15, Fifa 16 and Fifa 17

With the new football season already underway, football fans and fanatics are craving for a feel of the fifa 15 game. Fifa 15 is now available for purchase and it has a few new and exciting features. I decided to write this article because i love the game and am