How To Solve Driver Signature Problem And Install Drivers On Windows 10

Welcome to Technology Sage and today, Am going to introduce you to How to solve driver signature problem and install drivers on windows 10. Many times this problem a thorn in the flesh specifically on windows 10. On other windows Operating Systems, you can install any driver you wish without a hitch. But on windows 10, Google seems to have tightened security and it is hard to install any driver that is not digitally signed and verified by Google.

If you have tried to install a driver on your Windows 10 and told that driver not successfully installed, probably it is because of the driver signature error. This problem is not on all windows 10 computers, but some of them have this problem. If your laptop or PC has a problem with driver signature, then stay put. For Am going to take you through steps on How to solve driver signature problem and install drivers on windows 10 PC and laptop.

Fix driver signature problem

Steps On How To Disable Driver Signature On Windows 10

To disable the driver signature for a while and be able to install drivers on your windows 10 pc or laptop, follow the following steps:

  • Press the windows button on the keyboard and click on the settings gear.
  • On the settings panel, click on Update and Security. This will in turn take you to the update &Security panel, click on Recovery.
  • On recovery panel, on the right side, select Restart now. This will prompt your computer to start restarting in recovery mode.
  • In recovery mode, you will see a recovery menu. Now choose Troubleshoot. Once troubleshoot panel opens up, click on Advanced Options.
  • The Advanced Option will take you to Startup Settings.
  • On startup settings panel, click on Restart. A menu will come prompting you to select the start up option you want your computer to specifically start up. Now since what we want to startup our computer with as per our case is to disable the digitally assigned drivers.
  • Con the keyboard, click on the key with the number “7”. This will now prompt your laptop or PC to restart with that command. Wait and be patient as your Windows 10 PC or Laptop restarts.
  • After restart, input your password if you have one and restart normally. If you don’t have a password, your computer will just open up the normal way as always.
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Having done or followed the above steps, your computer will have restarted with the digitally signed drivers disabled. What you have to do is now to try or go ahead and install your drivers now to your PC the normal way. If those drivers doesn’t install, then it means there is a problem with them or the way you are installing them. Try to download the particular drivers you are trying to install again and try to install them ones more. In our next article, we will take you through steps on how to install drivers on windows 10 PC and laptop. Please stay tuned. We hope this article has solved your problem.

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