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Top 10 Softwares to Make a Bootable usb disk or flash drive from an ISO File

There are a few great tools you can use to create a bootable USB disk or flash drive using an ISO file. A bootable disk or drive is necessary when you intend to install windows on a computer from an external hard drive. For this purpose, there are much more software commonly used for this purpose

The list below is not fully exhaustive but these are among the best software to create a bootable disk or flash drive from an ISO file. Remember you need the ISO file itself. Softwares to Make a Bootable usb disk or flash drive from an ISO File

  • Rufus

Rufus is a handy tool which only requires you to pick the ISO image and bootable disk type to start the process.

  • RMPrepUSB

This is among the handiest tools you can use if you want to use a USB stick and not a CD.

  • USB Download Tool for USB/DVD
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This is a dedicated download tool for the Windows 7 operating system which is very easy to use.

  • WinSetUpFromUSB

This is another tool specifically meant for USB sticks which is very easy to use. The usage is also easy on the CPU.

  • YUMI

YUMI, short form for Your Universal Multiboot Installer, has many features users will find handy and easy to use no matter the type of memory you have.

  • UltraISO

UltraISO is also a tool best suited for USB storage options and is among the easiest methods to use in making a bootable USB stick.

  • XBoot

If you have heard of XBoot, then you know how handy and easy to use it is in making a bootable storage device of your choice.

  • Passcape ISO Burner

Like the other types of tools, this one can is easy to use and quite fast.

  • WiNToBootic
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Although the name is a mouthful, the tool is very easy to use once you set it up well. Our Tess showed quite a great speed.

  • ISO to USB

Like the name suggests, the purpose of this tool to use the ISO file in making a bootable USB storage stick.

What one should know with these tools is that they all focus on giving the user an easy time creating bootable disks. With the phasing out of CD storage, most are going for USB.

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