How to Fix Could not Initialize DirectX 10 on OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Have you been wondering how to fix Could not Initialize DirectX 10 on OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)? Well, OBS is a broadcasting software popularly used to broadcast events from your laptop directly to YouTube or any other online video hosting platform. However, many have reported experiencing the directx 10 error on open broadcasting software whenever they try to preview a stream or start streaming.

This obs error is caused by low display graphics on your computer or laptop. There is a solution for all the sages reading this, we will be able to solve the ‘Could not Initialize DirectX 10’ error on Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) and enable you run OBS on a low-end PC with low graphics.

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  1. DXCPL file
  2. Computer
  3. OBS

The video below shows the steps required to solve this OBS error;

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How to Fix Could not Initialize DirectX 10 on OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Before we go straight to the video, I will highlight the procedure simple bullets. You may want to ensure that your display graphics are up to date by updating them in the device manager window. Here are the steps;

  1. The first step is to search for performance and adjust it for best performance then hit apply and OK
  2. Download a .exe file known as DXCPL. the download link is given at the bottom of this article.
  3. Open the dxcpl and click on Edit List
  4. In the window that appears, click on the browse button (…) at the top right next to Add.
  5. Navigate to the installation folder of Open Broadcasting Software (OBS), select the OBS application and hit open.
  6. Then hit OK in the dxcpl window after adding the rule.
  7. In the next pop up window, click the check mark for info and under the device settings at the bottom, set the Feature level limit to 10_1.
  8. Mark the check boxes on Force Warp and Disable feature level upgrade.

How to Fix Could not Initialize DirectX 10 on OBS

DOWNLOAD LINK: Here is the Download link for DXCPL file.

That’s How to Fix Could not Initialize DirectX 10 on OBS. Have fun broadcasting with no error.

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